Witness the Fitness

Workouts, running routes round London, trying out every fitness class possible….. that sort of thing….

Race Reports – 2014

Spartan Race UK “The Beast” 

Still Waters Run Deep Alley Cat

Helly Hansen: Beauty and The Beast

Bacchus Half Marathon 

Spitfire Scramble 

 The British 10km

Run Hackney Half Marathon

We Own The Night Amsterdam

Canary Wharf Jog

We Own The Night London

Geneva Half Marathon

Greater Manchester Marathon 2014

The Action Duchenne Love Run


Running Around London

Who Doesn’t Like Running In A Park?  Parkrun


Weekend Long Runs

23.03.14 The Marathon Training Rollercoaster

15.03.14 Just around the river bend … and then some

08.03.14 So Many Activities!

27.02.14 A Late Night on the Streets of London

22.02.14 Runner’s Rage

15.02.14  Going Solo or Lots of Legs?

08.02.14  Just Keep Thinking About The Cake








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