Race: The Action Duchenne Love Run 2014

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The Action Duchenne  Love Run 2014

  • Date/Time: Saturday 15 February 2014 11am
  • Location: Finsbury Park
  • Distance: 10 km chip-timed race (or 5km non-timed fun run)

Running (I had some mileage to cover before this race – see here) up to the meeting point it was great to see such a mixed bag of runners getting ready for to run!  Young, old, families and their dogs were all getting warmed up ready to go.

The registration tent was manned by friendly assistants eager to give out safety pins and show you were to pick up your t-shirt.  No medal for this race but a jazzy t-shirt, as modelled by Ceri and Me below!


Directed to the start line by a friendly man obviously loving that he was getting to use a megaphone excitement grew and everyone got involved with a starting countdown!


Initially I was quite pleased to see that the race route was going to start at the top of the hill and head DOWN hill … however, this was no normal day.  This was the day that the wind decided to be your worst enemy and your best friend all depending on the direction you were travelling!  Heading down hill we were confronted with some serious gusts of wind to the point where you were pretty much speed walking rather than running but hey it added an extra element to the run!

There were two water stations and marshals on every main corner.  I think for me the marshals really made this race – particularly one woman who every time I passed was jumping, shouting and clapping!  I imagine she was just as tired as us runners when the race was finished!!  She was brilliant , they all were and definitely kept everyone’s spirits up whilst battling the elements.

So as mentioned earlier this was a 4 lap race around the park.  I can definitely understand why this would not appeal to some people, getting bored of constantly seeing the same surroundings and I definitely would not want this for every race I take part in but I do think there are some benefits.  You get used to the course, knowing when to push (if there is a hill coming) and when to keep it steady.  You can keep check on your time even without any fancy running technology, helping you get that PB and you know when the finish line is near so no excuse but to get ready for that sprint finish! ;D

Coming in for my sprint finish there were a great number of supporters cheering us all on and the man from earlier with his megaphone was in full flow shouting out encouraging words!   Whilst waiting for my friend I collected our goodiebags – crisps (French Fries to be exact), water and sweatshop goodies – I enjoyed hearing our megaphone man congratulate every single runner coming in!  It was super heart warming and you couldn’t help get involved.

All in all this was a lovely little race, all for a good cause and stuck very true to it’s name.

Do this race if:  You are looking for your first 10km or or getting back into running.  Or if you want to drag your friends along for a fun!

Maybe look for another race if:  You hate running the same route over, over and over … and over again!


Celebrating Ceri’s succesful 10km with some serious MEAT at The Big Easy!!


One thought on “Race: The Action Duchenne Love Run 2014

    Going Solo or Lots of Legs? « Run Round Town said:
    02/19/2014 at 10:12 am

    […] to smash the Brighton Half Marathon!  SO the plan – 12 miles by myself and then 6 miles in  The Action Duchenne Love Run 2014 to support one of my friends in her first 10km […]

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