So Many Activities!

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So we are back on a step down week this week which meant I only had 12 (up until now I swore it said 13) miles to do and that was perfect as it was going to be a busy weekend … are you ready for Saturday?

This Saturday also happened to be International Women’s Day and the awesome lady that is Bangs and the lovely Elle had organised a 4 mile run which would include visiting a few blue plaques detailing some pretty important women who lived in London.  This idea quickly spread all over the world with teams of women planning something in their cities and I knew I wanted to be a part of the London crew!

So at 6am my alarm went off and headed out to do my 9 miles before joining IWDRun London (I had a busy day ahead so it had to be before)!  The 9miles flew by … literally … somehow I maintained a sub 9min mile pace & smiled the whole way especially as the sun was out!  I wasn’t even wearing double gloves!  I skipped through Regents Park, Hyde Park and Green Park before meeting this group of fabulous ladies…


The next four miles were spent enjoying a good natter with new friends, learning about amazing women such as Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, (the first female woman to qualify as a doctor in Britain!?!) whilst exploring some pretty secret streets in London.


This was such a great thing to be a part of!  There were so many faces I recognised from the blogging and twitter running world and it was great to finally meet some of the women who inspire me to go out and run each day!  Particularly the brilliant Lorna Mann – check out her leggings collection SERIOUS Green Eyed Monster!!!

If you fancy checking out more photos head to the Tumblr site #IWDRun where photos from the runs around the world are being streamed! A HUGE THANK YOU Bangs and Elle for organising this and I look forward to 2015!!!!

Next on the schedule (after a quick lunch in Harrods Champagne Bar ;D casual!) I hot footed it to a once in a life time yoga event “The Movement” hosted by Lululemon Athletica at the Royal Opera House!

Photo from Lululemon Athletica

Along with over 300 Londoners (including some awesome TNR ladies Kiera, Lissy, Lucy and Zoe) I settled onto my mat ready to get my yoga on with the help of instructor Emma Henry.


The setting was beautiful and not only that the whole session was performed to the incredible live sounds of the Philharmonic Orchestra.  Now as someone is very vocal about their dislike for “downward dog”, the relaxing pose that I find the least bit relaxing, you can imagine that with the class kicking off with a lot of downward dog action I was worried how the next 60 minutes were going to go.  HOWEVER, the live music and the scenery made the whole thing just a blissful experience!


At the end of this magical class we were excitingly told we could keep our Lululemon mats … and even more excitingly we were invited to head upstair where cold glasses of prosecco and CHOCOLATE (oh and fruit) would be waiting for us!!! Happy Days!!


So this was my Saturday!  All in all it was a truly fantastic day where I got to be involved in some pretty awesome events and share it with some amazing people!

Once again a HUGE thank you to Bangs and Elle and of course Lululemon!

PHEW … Sunday’s activities coming soon!

2 thoughts on “So Many Activities!

    Elle @ keep it simpElle said:
    03/10/2014 at 10:30 pm

    was lovely to meet you on Saturday! …next time I will be right about having met before! lol 🙂

      charliezbrown responded:
      03/10/2014 at 10:43 pm

      :D! Was so lovely to finally meet you too! Exactly, perfect timing for dinner in Amsterdam before Nike #WOTN!!

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