Runner’s Rage

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So this Saturday was all about a step back week!  As much as I was looking forward to not having to be out for hours this weekend there was a tiny little part of me that was sad I wasn’t going to see if I could manage even more miles … though that will be happening next week … very scary prospect!

ANYWAY!  I allowed myself a little bit more of a lie in due to running solo and having 13 miles on the schedule (obviously was going to do 13.1!)  and woke up to blue skies and BRIGHT SUNSHINE!?!  This was extremely exciting and so I completely changed my planned route to make the most of it!

With directions on my hand I planned to tour (and conquer) the hills in Hampstead Heath and then drop in on the giraffes in Regent’s Park as it was so nice seeing them last week!


So off I set with a serious spring in my step – nothing beats running in the sunshine and made it quite quickly to Hampstead Heath.  It was great to see the Park being used properly, lots of mini football teams running about, PTs everywhere and bootcampers going at it HARD!  What was really lovely was all the kites being flown at the top of Parliament Hill.  Yes I ran all the way up Parliament hill … twice … and both times it was lovely to be greeted by a super colourful collection of kites connected to very excited children and their equally excited Dads!

HOWEVER, as much as it was great to see so many people out taking advantage of the beautiful weather it meant that I think I used as much energy saying “excuse me” as I did running.  I also had to do an awful lot of dog dodging as it would appear that they get just as excited about sunshine as we do!  There was one moment (after wading through a very muddy section on the Heath) where I nearly got “clothes lined” by a tiny dog and its tiny owner as the dog decided to run straight in front of me!  I don’t usually make a habit of swearing in front of children but sadly a four letter word got shouted out as I tried to stop myself landing face down on the ground!

All in all this was a lovely run in the sunshine but there were a good few moments were runners rage got the better of me!  Have you ever experienced runner’s rage?  Been “clothes lined” by a dog lead?  I hope I am not alone here …


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