Race Recap: Canary Wharf Jog

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Canary Wharf Jog

Date/Time: Wednesday 21st May / 18:30
Location: Canary Wharf
Distance: 1.6km route and you can do as many laps as you like for up to a total 6 laps 

So as I am sure you have guessed us #TNR girls love a good race, particularly when the race includes a bit of bling! And nothing demonstrates this more than the fact that on Wednesday 21st May my gorgeous lady Harriet Capps decided that the best way to kick off her birthday evening was to take part in the free Canary Wharf jog! Ha I LOVE this girl!


So of course a load of us ladies jumped on board …and why not!  It was the perfect excuse to have a good catch up, grab a free tshirt and of course help Harry celebrate her birthday!


Most of us hadn’t paid the £2 for a timing chip, we were very much in the mind set that this was, as the name suggests, just a jog, not a run and definitely not a race to be taken seriously, especially as some of us were tempted to just do 5km and then carry on with our night elsewhere.  However, when the gun finally did go off we did actually question whether we would ever get running!  This race was all for charity and open to all abilities however, the fact that we didn’t actually start jogging til WAYYY after the start concerned us all a little!

The course took us around some of the huge buildings in Canary Wharf, meaning all along the route we were cheered  on by people in suits (enjoying a post work drink!).   Half way through the first lap Charlie, Steph, Billie, Harry and I were still struggling to break into our normal running pace, it was super congested and people were already walking (?!) so instead we enjoyed attempting some running selfies… !


In fact we were so relaxed Charlie even took a call…casual



And then photo bombed one of our photos …


At 5km Charlie left us for a much needed dinner date and Harry, Steph, Billie and I carried on, spotting Leah and Laureen along the way.  About 4 laps in we had decided that a route like this wasn’t for us.  The race marshals were great, at one point shouting at a lady for stopping to answer her phone, the crowds were extremely supportive, including a lovely group of young cheerleaders who were adorable, but to keep going round and round and round was a little uninspiring.  Plus it was hard not to get frustrated at some of the other participants.  I am all for new runners entering a “race”, just getting out there and trying it but on this route we passed groups of people walking, but in a line, making it very difficult for runners to get past and we even spotted one person who was SMOKING whilst on the route?!?!?!

Now throughout this run we had taken it very easy, Harry had obviously been celebrating all day so her pre-race fuel had been fizz and cake, and I, well I hadn’t fuelled at all thinking that we were just doing the 5km distance.  But on our final lap Harry calmly asked what time my watch said … I looked, then looked at her … we were on a pretty good time (surprisingly) and we had the most amazing moment where without saying anything at all we smiled and seriously picked up our pace!  Now sadly due to the route being so narrow and still pretty congested we knew we probably wouldn’t make that elusive sub 50 10km but to get so close … well safe to say we were pretty impressed!!!  Then we realised that the the course was short … of course 1.6 x 6 = 9.6.  HA!  We did think that it would have been pretty crazy to get a time so close to 50minutes on this race!

Crossing the finish line we picked up the birthday bling, the free banana and a bottle of water and then headed over to Harriet’s birthday dinner for a much needed huge sandwich and cake!


All in all the “race” was a great opportunity for us #TNR girls to catch up and see each other on a random Wednesday afternoon.  In terms of an actual race I don’t think I would be rushing back.  The course was super busy and extremely narrow, definitely the closest I have come to twisting an ankle/tripping over other runners!  However, it must be said for a free race it was well manned and the marshals were extremely entertaining … plus … you did get a medal and all for a good cause so why not!!! ;D!

Oh and one of the official race photographers took this … quite possibly my favourite race photo EVER!  EVER!!

“Wait, let’s take a selfie!”





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