Charlie Brown

Twitter: @ziggy_brown

Instagram: @charlie_z_brown

Email: cziggybrown [at] googlemail.com

My name is Charlie Brown (yes really) and I am a 20 something Yorkshire girl currently living in East London.  Since Christmas 2012, in a bid to self cure an annoying stomach problem (which I have now sorted ;D!), I have thrown myself head first into everything fitness related, coupled with enjoying as much of the amazing food that London provides.


In the last 2 years I have taken part in various races from “speedy” 1 milers, to hilarious 10km fancy dress runs (note to self tiger suits are not made for running in) to numerous half marathons, including one in the Arctic Circle (?!), 24 hour relays races, obstacle races, marathons and now I am slowly but surely entering the world of triathlons!


Alongside this I have tried an incredible amount of weird and wonderful classes, PT sessions, running groups, DVDs (the list could go on) whilst trying to get various friends involved!

This blog started as a way of documenting all the incredible experiences I had in the world of fitness and now I hope it helps people to make the most out of the London’s health & fitness community BECAUSE ITS HUGE!

Plus of course you can’t run without a good playlist so music will always be mentioned ;D oh and cake … did I mention I run for cake?


IMG_1451 swim (36)


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