Who Doesn’t Like Running In A Park? Parkrun

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When I first started running 5km seemed like a great distance.  It was far enough to feel like I had done a good bit of exercise but not to far to feel terrified at the thought of it!  Plus it seemed to fit into my always hectic schedule!

As I got more and more hooked to running my connections to fellow runners started to grow and one thing that I always heard people talk about was “Parkrun”.  Now back then being new to running and taking part in races the idea of a 5km race was really appealing AND apparently it was FREE!

So for those of you that don’t know about Parkrun here is it …

Parkrun is a free, organised 5km timed run that happens weekly all around the UK.  From experience they usually happen in pretty lovely surroundings, organised by wonderful volunteers and are open to absolutely everyone no matter your running ability!  All you have to do is register online here giving you your own personal barcode which you take with you to your chosen run destination and then off you go!

At the end of the run your barcode gets scanned and within 24 hours you receive an email with so many exciting running stats such as your time, position overall, position in your gender group and in your age range.  It also logs each of your runs to work out averages and helps you see how your runs vary week to week!

Personally I think Parkrun is a fantastic concept and I have nothing but good things to say about it.  I have managed to drag lots of different friends and family (my Dad has never run in his life and now he drags his friends along for a bit of “friendly” competition) along each Saturday morning as like I said initially 5km doesn’t seem like a terrifying distance!

IMG_5226Me and my new running demon Dad

IMG_6281Up and coming 10km’er Ceri

Plus its lovely to think no matter where you are in the country there is a group of friendly runners and a beautiful route waiting to be run :D!


My home Parkrun Sewerby, on the beautiful East Yorkshire coast


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