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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


What do you when you are a runner who cannot run?  You find other ways to exercise in hope of getting the same buzz!  I plan to write a lot more on this in the coming weeks but in short I started swimming and even more incredibly cycling (I was a very nervy cyclist up until recently).

About a month ago I became a runner in recovery, slowly managing to go a bit further, a bit faster but still wanted to keep up the swimming and cycling.  As a runner I enjoyed a good race, the atmosphere, the opportunity to put your training to good use and of course that finisher’s high and so well … a triathlon didn’t seem like such a ridiculous idea, particularly after buying this …




Written by the lovely Laura Fountain and Katie King this fantastic book provides an incredible source of information for anyone wanting to try out a triathlon for the first time.  It details Laura’s journey from a non runner/swimmer through to becoming the inspiring runner/triathlete that she is now with the incredible of help and support from her friend Katie.  Throughout the book you are given advice and some very funny anecdotes about all things triathlons but all in a way that makes these races sound possible, even for the total beginner!

So after feeling so inspired and actually quite excited about the possibility of trying something completely different I have decided to take part in the Shock Absorber Women Only Challenge.

On Sunday 12th July I will be taking part in a triathlon, A FULL ON TRIATHLON and putting all these new found skills to good use.  The day itself actually offers the opportunity to take part in a swim, triathlon, duathlon and a run so if you fancy joining for just one discipline … OR if you decide to pick up a copy of Tricurious (which I could not recommend enough!) and feel inspired to give all three a go then you might even like to make use of this …


By entering the code “KISDISCOUNT” at the checkout you will be entitled to £5 off!  £5 to spend on snacks instead ;D

Either way I could not recommend the book enough for anyone who has a slight interest in any sort of sport, or if you just fancy reading an inspiring story, who knows I might even see you on the start line!


So just in case you missed it…

Buy the book here 

Learn more about the Shock Absorber Challenge