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Chasing the side dream …

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I have a little side dream … it’s kinda explained in the snazzy little video on The Training Room‘s page entitled LOVE WHAT YOU DO 

So when I was offered the opportunity to attend a specialist training event and potentially walk away as a qualified studio cycling instructor I couldn’t really say no.

The Training Room Certificate in Studio Cycling is normally part of a wider six week intensive personal training course but this one day date was a great opportunity to get a feel of what doing the full course would be like.

We kicked off with a quick hello and got given our tops for the day … I was very excited to wear mine (with the words Personal Trainer on the sleeve ;D)


And after a quick selfie with our tops we headed straight to the studio to take part in a class. Our teacher David took us for a full 45 minute session making us do all sorts of spinning moves and definitely got us all sweating, even with the aircon on full blast!


After he had finished turning our legs into jelly it was back to the class room.  We discussed the various advantages of “indoor cycling”, both physically and psychologically, I of course mentioned that incredible smug feeling after a workout (flippin’ love that feeling) and how taking part in group work outs can really have a knock on effect on so many other aspects of life! After this it started getting technical!

Natalie, Alex, Charlie, David, Dani, Nick, Annie

We learnt about how to get ready for a class, how to help set up a bike correctly, the various moves you can perform whilst in a class, what the technical elements are behind each one and how to best to instruct your class to perform them properly.

After a delicious lunch it was back to the classroom to do a quick test., yes A TEST, to recap on various points we had discussed earlier in the day.  Once we had all finished it was time to discuss music.  Music is a massive part of a class for me, I always go back to the same class because 1. I like the trainer and 2. I LOVE the music she chooses, for me it just works!  Next came the scary part – designing a class and choosing what we were going to teach as part of our assestment!

After learning the moves, discussing music and understanding the structure of a class it was time to put it all to use.  Firstly we had to write down what a potential class could look like, including a warm up, 3 full tracks and a cool down and then we had to think about which one track we would teach the rest of the class.  YES we would have to teach the rest of the class as part of our assessment.  Now we had been quite a chatty bunch until this moment, I think things got a lot more real and the nerves started to set in!


I opted to go first – like a plaster get it done quickly – and off I went!  I took my class through a nasty seated climb and then a standing sprint finish!  I LOVED IT and definitely discovered a new found respect for all indoor cycling instructors, speaking and spinning is definitely not the easiest but what a buzz you get from leading other people!  One by one we each taught one track and the supportive atmosphere in the studio was awesome!

Once back in the classroom we were handed back all our paperwork and I am extremely happy to say that I can now officially instruct Studio Cycling Classes.

A huge thank you to The Training Room I had an awesome day and I am extremely proud of my achievement … so London watch out I might be teaching in a studio very soon ;D!