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Race Report: Mo’Run 2015

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Mo’Run 2015

Date/Time: Saturday 29th November

Location: Greenwich Park

Distance: 10km … and all the hills!

Last year I did this event and I loved it as a race, this year I did it again and I stick by my initial thoughts – this is a great event!

MoRunning happens all around the country proudly supporting Movember and their fundraising for Men’s Health and in particular Prostate Cancer UK.  Plenty of people attack this race as a serious course but there are also plenty of people in fantastic (?!) fancy dress outfits, donning impressive “mo”s running just to enjoy the day.

Turning up at this race I was excited, with an incredible 167 people from Run Dem Crew running I imagined spotting “Run Dem” tshirts all along the route and the noise through CheerDem was going to be insanely loud!  (I wasn’t wrong!)

Photo credit to FOOD & LYCRA

One of the many things I love about this race is the simple start.  It certainly helped having our race numbers all in one area – big up to Glenn for sorting that.  But there was no huge queue at bag drop, before or after!  There were toilets all over the place, no queuing there either and we didn’t have to queue up hours before the start!

I sort of wanted to see if I could get a solid PB of sub 50 on this 10km knowing full well that with hills this would be very presumptuous but why the heck not try.  Plus I was lucky enough to have Steph pacing me so off we went.  Now the course follows the many pathways around the beautiful area that is Greenwich Park but unfortunately these are not made for 100s of runners so the first 1km or so was all about weaving in and out with a little bit of trail running in between ;D.  Once out of the bulk of people started the hills.  Downhill first, which was lovely as it was the start of passing so many Run Dem tshirts and a whole load of hi-fives.  I adore being apart of this family as it is just super supportive.  Regardless of how well you know each member the support and encouragement is there and that is priceless!


As well as spotting a lot of familiar faces it is worth mentioning the absolutely incredible marshals along the route.  It was like these guys were sent to a special training school about how to be incredibly helpful whilst being super supportive!  Every single marshal I passed was either dancing, singing, shouting words of encouragement or well just being flippin’ brilliant and it made my day!  So thank you guys!

It should be said that yes most the race was spent with the goofy smile on my face, once I had removed the tash (which at the time felt like I inhaled everytime I breathed in) but those hills were no joke.  In a 10km you really want to push.  It’s a “shorter” distance when you compare it to a half marathon / marathon but trying to push and trying to overcome long, steep hills is no smiling matter.  As Steph kept reminding me “it’s all about the arms” and well if nothing else it has reminded me how important hill training is!  OUCH!

Sort of smiling, sort of grimacing- captured by Claire McGonegle

Passing Crew Dem at the top of the hill, heading down the atmosphere was electric and definitely helped add speed to the legs, however what goes down must come up.  Cheer Dem had positioned themselves at the top of what I felt was the steepest hill along on the route.  Getting to the bottom after flying down and having to turn back around was definitely a shock to the system as you now had to battle back up the hill and then of course put your game face on passing back through Cheer Dem.  The hill was hard, it was steep, it was at the end of the lap (or at the finish if you were on your second lap) and well did I mention it was steep?  Knowing that at the top was the CheerDem family it gave you that extra boost and you just gritted your teeth and got on with it!   So thank you to all the Run Dem Cheer family for giving all us runners that extra boost when we needed it most!

Crossing the finish line I discovered I was just off grabbing that PB but to be honest I was ecstatic to have gotten so close, particularly when my PB was achieved on a super flat course!  As we finished we were handed a pot of Wheyhey Banoffee Protein Ice Cream, which I pretty much inhaled, a bag of popchips and a bottle of water.  Then of course the medal ….

IMG_3329 IMG_3341

This race really does have a fantastic medal!

All in all I would definitely recommend this race!  It is just a truly lovely atmosphere, with fantastic volunteers and in an extremely beautiful setting.  Bring on next year!

PS Greenwich Market does supply some incredible post race cakes ;D!

Cutty Sark, sunshine, medal, PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CAKE

Race Report: NYC Marathon

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New York City Marathon

Date/Time: Sunday 2nd November 2014

Location: New York

Distance: 26.2 miles


So I had always hoped for a “Marathon Miracle”.  I had taken the expression #YOLO on board and randomly booked my flights to New York so why not see if I could try and get a spot in one of the (in my mind) greatest road marathons in the world as I was going to be there for it!  Well the day before the New York City Marathon my spot was confirmed and I was about to set off and run my second ever marathon!

I would usually do a full race recap but if I am completely honest the whole thing is still a little bit of a blur and I am still in shock that I actually did it so instead I thought I would share with you what I learnt during my second marathon…

Remember this is what you do

When my space was confirmed I spoke to my parents to ask if I could really do this.  My first and only other marathon I took extremely seriously, followed my training plan to the letter, looked at what I was eating, stopping drinking, got super stressed/nervous etc etc etc.  The only other person I spoke to about whether or not it was a stupid decision to run this last minute marathon was my roomie in New York, a fellow runner and someone I trust to say it like it is.  His response “I will not be impressed if you run the marathon, you should be able to run this distance, you train, you run, this should not be difficult for you”.  Now this was quite hard to hear, I know what he was trying to say but to me a marathon is, and always will be, a HUGE DEAL.  However, he was right.  Week in, week out I am always training.  I LOVE to run, whether it be with my crew, by myself, to work, on the track, I adore running, there is something about it that just gives me a super goofy smile.  I am also loving my strength training, my muscles are growing and I doing my best to feed them to help make my body grow from strength to strength.  Yes 26.2 miles is a lot further than I have ran in a long time but I train hard, so in theory I should be able to do this…right?

Just another weekend run 

The night before the marathon instead of hyper ventilating, checking my kit 101 times I just reminded myself this is just another weekend run.  Every single weekend I run with friends, granted sometimes it is just a 5km parkrun but it’s a run just the same, and well this was a weekend and I was going to be running with friends … nearly 50,000 other friends.  During the marathon I just reminded myself this is what I look forward to and do every weekend, I run and at the end there will be food … and a marathon means there will be all sorts of food.  Plus I am in NEW YORK, the food will be insane!

a weekend run with friends … just another (stupidly long) weekend run …

Never think of it as 26.2 miles 

This marathon has a marker every single mile, great to know where you are but extremely tempting to count down from 26 miles! DONT!  During my last marathon I started by counting down “parkruns”.  A marathon is roughly 8 parkruns, nice, fun parkruns.  Once you get to 8 miles it’s just two more of those and a bit.  By mile 16 you have 10 miles to go and you can definitely start counting down.  There were a few times during the run that I got a little overwhelmed about what I was doing, I was actually attempting to run 26.2 without “official” training what was I thinking, and then I would remind myself to think of it in short sections and just keep going.

Let the crowds help you 

The crowds for the New York City Marathon are just amazing, and I mean AMAZING!  I honestly don’t know if I would have got round the course if it wasn’t for the incredible people of New York cheering like they were.  I know a lot of people listen to music whilst they are running and I definitely had my headphones with me just in case but during the full 26.2 miles I instead took in the sights and sounds around me, never actually using my music.  There was no way I was going to give up with all that support surrounding me, I imagine that is what London feels like, it’s just incredible to see so many people and have them wishing you well every step you take, just incredible!


When I crossed the finish line of the New York City Marathon believe me I was just as in shock as everyone of my gorgeous friends when they saw my finishing line picture!  But I did it, I actually did it and I am extremely (shocked) pleased to say that I was fine the next day.  Now I am not saying that marathons should not be taken seriously, they definitely should, it is an extremely long distance and not one to be tried off the cuff.  But this race for me was never going to be about time, in fact I didn’t even have my watch, this was about taking part in something amazing, exploring a new city and doing something I love to do every single weekend.  Now my next planned marathon is in Barcelona and I plan to follow a training plan and try my best to achieve a quicker time but for me the New York City Marathon was an absolutely incredible, once in a life time experience and taught me that the body really is an incredible thing!

Horrendously cheesy but totally necessary shot of me, my medal and my AMAZING official race blanket in Times Square
Post marathon refueling with a pastrami sandwich bigger than my face!




Race Report: Spartan Race UK “The Beast”

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Spartan Race: The Beast

Date/Time: Saturday 11th October

Location: Pippingford Park, East Sussex

Distance: 20km+


It’s pretty common knowledge that I love a challenge, particularly one that involves running and being part of a team so when my work asked if I would fancy doing a “Spartan Race” I was definitely interested.  HOWEVER, when I discovered that they were referring to “The Beast”, the hardest course out of all the Spartan Races, I will happily admit that I was extremely nervous.  But with lots of support from my gorgeous friends and family I finally said yes.

5 weeks leading up to the race I changed my training routine (partly because of my stupid tumble during Bacchus meant I couldn’t run properly) and decided to seriously up my strength training sessions.  I did all the (assisted) pull ups you could think of, slowly but surely upped all the weights I was lifting and jumped at the opportunity to try as many rope climbs as possible!  It was actually quite exciting seeing my self named “Mr tickle/snowman twig” arms grow and even show a little bit of muscle! But I knew that I was still definitely going to be relying on guys to throw me over the walls during the race!

Bangsandabun inspired #gunshow selfie!

So race day! Now the weather forecast was horrendous! Black cloud and TWO rain drops on the BBC app!  However, when we turned up at the station I am pleased to say the sun was shining and well, the surroundings were pretty beautiful!  Don’t get me wrong it was still COLD but at least the sun was out!

Pretty picturesque! And that is the spear throw you can see at the bottom!

Race number, aka our headband (which I love and will keep forever as proof!), collected my team of four guys and one other girl headed to the start line.


The first wave of nerves came before the race had even started!  To get to the start line you had to climb over a 6ft wall!  I felt a little sick after this, this wasn’t even part of the race!  After a pep talk from a man in a spartan suit, with one seriously impressive 6 pack, we were off into the woods to battle!

The scenery was absolutely beautiful but the track itself, to a road runner, was SCARY!  It was just so muddy and I don’t mean a little muddy field “muddy” I mean lose your shoe muddy!  If you didn’t have trail shoes this race was going to be horrendous!  In fact ten minutes in we sadly passed a spartan on the ground with his ankle strapped!  This muddy track led us onto the first obstacle, down a seriously steep, muddy hill.  I chose like many others to slide down on my bum trying not to pick up too much pace so not to fall in the water at the bottom!  Then of course you had to cross the water and climb back up another muddy hill…not easy!  This was to be the first of many downhill, uphill, muddy, climbs!

The track then looped round back towards the starting area, where were all the spectators were, and towards an “A” climbing frame which I really enjoyed, it was like being a kid again!  Quick tip here climb up normally, but when you climb over go down on your back like a crab, it makes it quicker to get off at the bottom and get running again.

From here it was back into the woods and it was the start of the water and I don’t mean puddles!  The first water crossing was up to your knees, cold but bareable. But for the (I think) 6/7 water crossings we did they varied from knee height to a short swim, barely being able to touch the floor!  This is where the first of the thank yous start. At the end of a water crossing there were no convenient stairs out, it was wet and muddy and you had just been in freezing cold and seriously smelly water.  Safe to say it was exhausting and I really struggled to get out each time but my team were INCREDIBLE, the guys literally just pulled me out of the water and plonked me on the ground (I have the bruises to prove it!!!)

Whilst looping back again we jumped over wooden hurdles and climbed through small gaps in walls bringing us to a seriously long set of monkey bars.  These of course had muddy water below.  I knew there was no way I would make it the full way across but you had to try and well I managed to get half way before dropping (apparently my grip strength was better than I thought) so off I went to do the first of 3 sets of burpees!  The next two sets came during the rope climb and the rotating pull up bar?!?  But I did manage to lift a heavy weight which was attached to a rope.  You had to lift it all the way to the top and I used the pull and sit down method learnt watching YouTube videos!

From here it was uphill … Oh and when I say uphill I mean uphill for a LONG time on your hands and knees trying to avoid the barbed wire above you!  This was quite ridiculous, every time you thought you were done it just kept going!!  And what followed was a serious amount of lifting – logs, sandbags and a tire (which we had to carry for a mile!) of course up hill, down hill over extremely uneven, boggy ground! Then it was onto the smelliest of obstacles the muddy hurdles (and when I say muddy I mean up to my thigh muddy!)  We were faced with three hills to climb up and down with pools of water in between!  It stunk and it was super exhausting!

More muddy running, lots of sliding and more wall climbs later it was time for “the swim”.  Now we knew they were going to be a swim as the organisers had pre-warned us.  I knew I could swim, I’m not the best, but I can swim. HOWEVER, this was a lake, it was a good distance and well I had NEVER done anything like it before.  Safe to say I had a little moment but surprisingly I just got in. It was cold but that wasn’t bothering me, what bothered me more was the open water, trying not to swallow it and also working out the most effective, I mean quickest, way of getting across.

Note my unimpressed face!

Here comes another thank you, there were two guys on canoes in the water and I think they must have seen that I wasn’t looking thrilled about this part and so they stuck with me talking absolute rubbish the whole time!  They got me through this, there is no way I would have been as calm without them!  Coming out of the water I sort of wanted to cry a little (probably because I was tired, we were 2hours30mins in at this point) but also because I had just done yet another thing I really didn’t know if I could do!

I love that you can see the sincere shock on my face for actually just doing that …
And then the joy of realising that it is over!

Free banana (so so grateful for the organizers planning the one and only food stop here!) inhaled and a quick tire pull around a tree we were back to the running, muddy climbing, crawling under walls, tire flipping and water crossings.  I swear every time you got dry they planned more water!

The final carry was a big bucket full of water around a small course which included a stupidly muddy hill of course, and then a water crossing. Plus point – the bucket floated in the water, bad point the water had huge logs in so you had to tread so so carefully and getting out wasn’t that fun either!

Epic Action Imagery

More high climbs, thanks to a man dressed as the hulk for literally throwing me over, and it was onto the spear throw! The Third set of burpees was here!

And now the finish! There was another A frame, but not a fun climbing frame, a wet, slippery surface with a rope to pull yourself up and over. We had been on the course for nearly 3 and half hours I was wet, muddy and well maybe a little exhausted but you had to do it, I could see the finish line!  I started off strong quickly pulling myself up but it was high, really high and well I think I just panicked, I sincerely thought I was going to fall backwards – and that would have done serious damage! Luckily a guy in front saw this and literally grabbed me … more bruises to prove it and he helped me over! THANK GOD FOR HIM!

A climb down, a serious pep talk and then it was a little hop, skip and a jump over a FIRE PIT! YES A FIRE PIT! Then across the finish line! WE DID IT, we actually did it!!!!!


Grabbing our medals and all the freebies, thank you Whey Ice Cream for all those extra pots ;D we collected our bags, changed and ate everything in sight!

I sincerely thought there was a huge chance I would not complete this race. I knew I could run the distance but the obstacles. This is my final thank you – my team were incredible!  We all had very different strengths and weaknesses and decided that we would tackle the whole thing together! It was an awesome experience with these guys and I could not have done it without them … we might be looking at another OCR next year ;D


Spartan Stretching … the pavement was probably the cleanest surface we had been on all day!
Celebratory cake … being cut with a credit card ;D


If you are thinking of trying a Spartan Race here are my top tips!

1. Tri suit – You are going to get wet and cold almost immediately.  I don’t know if all my nerves kept me warm or whether all the carb loading the night before helped but I was lucky enough to not get too cold during this race and I swear a lot of that was done to wearing a tri suit offered by the lovely Jen Slater!
2. Listen to as much advice as possible – Act as a sponge, logging any hints, tips and tricks about how to tackle various obstacles.  Watch videos of previous races and ask for help from previous Spartans!
3. Wear long trousers – I wore 3/4 length trousers and safe to say my legs, two weeks on, are still a HUGE mess!  Scratches, bruises and all sorts of marks all over the place!
4. Do it with a team – I could not have done this without my team.  They got me through it, with chat, encouragement and of course physical strength!  As mentioned at points they literally pulled me out of the river!
5. SHOES – Invest in proper trail shoes!!!  This course is always going to be muddy and if you have no grip on your shoes you are asking for trouble!  I had incredible trail shoes on from Helly Hansen which were amazing but they even at points struggled with all the mud!
6. Train outside – Get used to the cold, the wind, the rain!  I love the outdoors but even I have to admit that if it is chucking down outside I am tempted by the gym.  When in Spartan training embrace the weather!  It will mean you are used to dealing with the elements!


The Spartan Beast IS NOT EASY!  However it is a fantastic thing to achieve (in my mind anyway)!  If you have any further questions please free feel to drop me note :D!  I know I spoke to 100s of people pre race so I would be happy to pass on everything I have learnt!





Race Report: Beauty and the Beast

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The Helly Hansen Beauty and The Beast 

Date/Time: Saturday 20th September 2014

Location: West Wycombe Park

Distance: 26.2 miles (completed in a team of 6)


I love that my friends ask me out for food as much as they ask me to join race teams…

Held in the stunning West Wycombe park Helly Hansen’s Beauty and the Beast is tagged as the “UK’s toughest multi lap marathon” and when we arrived I could see why…

Staying at Charlie’s the night before we obviously took our race prep seriously, fuelling appropriately at Outsider Tart (GO, GO THERE NOW!)


Then early on Saturday morning myself, Charlie and Leah made our roller coaster experience of a drive over to West Wycombe to attempt the race as a team of 6, with fellow lovely ladies Jen, Josie and Emma, each doing one lap of the course.  When we got to the race area we were firstly distracted by the start and the small mountain that seemed to follow directly after it!  Next came the second mountain which we had to drive up to get to the start – we spent a good few minutes stuck in the mud, like I said it was a roller coaster of a journey!


Parked up, hand break definitely on, we wandered over to the Helly Hansen tent as they had kindly provided us with the bibs and kit for the race.  The tent was a life saver, huge comfy red bean bags, shelter from the cold, as it was a little chilly out, and ALL the food which appeared to just kept coming!!!!  Picking up our race pack was far too easy and I was extremely grateful to be handed a cliff bar with my race number (this was to be the first of many cliff bars much to my excitement)! So back to the tent for a quick sample of all the cakes – muffins, flapjacks and some of the best tiffin I have ever had and then it was time to wave our first runner off!

This was constantly refilled!

Charlie set off amongst other relay teams, individuals doing half marathons (3 laps) and people doing the full 6 laps!


Whilst waiting I got into my awesome Helly Hansen leggings and laced up my trainers. Now usually I wouldn’t advise wearing brand new trainers for a race but it was wet and muddy and after last weeks falls I felt that trail shoes were a lot more sensible and I was only going for 4.5 miles!


We saw Charlie coming in so I stripped off my layers got the ankle tag and then headed off … up that hill!

Goofy running smile …. check!
Within the first 2 minutes …

Filled with motivational quotes the whole way you just knew you were in for a treat of a race.

I felt after recent events this one was particularly fitting!

But luckily what goes up must come down and straight away we did.


I think I had been running for 5 minutes and already I had spoken to various people en route.  I am starting to learn that trail runners are just awesome, they are a very relaxed crowd who just enjoy running and getting muddy!

First hill done and it was into the woods! WOOHOO!

Excuse the blurry photo – was having waayy too much fun!

Ever since the Spitfire Scramble I have realised that I love running through the woods and this was great!  Making more friends along the route and high fiving the fantastic Marshall’s I steadily made my way through woodland and parkland and fields.


And then it was time for the second of three mini mountains!

If you look closely you can see tiny blue tops in the distance at the bottom …

This one came out of no where and was crazy steep so a power walk it was.  I was told that it was always better to walk up hills, conserve energy ready for the flat and the downhill.  Mountain done, around a corner and down hill for a quick water stop then it was up up and up all over again but at least the top provided gorgeous views of the surrounding area and led onto more woodland path!


View from the top

I had heard rumours of a river and en route I bumped into a couple of runners I had met earlier in the day who confirmed this and then continued to explain that the only way to cross was straight through the middle ….

Notice how one of these guys didnt do as they were told ;D

So, after a little pause, a photo and a pep talk I went for it! Ha! It was awesome and after a only a few squelchy strides my new Helly Hansen shoes were clean and dry! AMAZING!

Once away from the water we got to explore the gorgeous grounds of the Wycombe estate, past gardens and a lovely large pond, a little mini hill, which was far more tough than it should have been (I blame the fact that I had been nattering none stop with one of my new buddies) and it was round the corner to the finish line!

Casually hi-fiving the Beast at the end!

This route was fantastic, if it wasn’t for my knee after last weeks tumble I would have definitely gone for another round and have no doubt that I will be doing this next year.

Once finished I swapped over with Leah and proceeded the make use of the VIP space, eating yet more cake and of course getting involved in a little legs up a wall, no wait legs up a deck chair, action whilst catching up with the rest of my awesome team and eating more cake.

One by one the girls came in beaming from their laps and when we spotted Josie, our final runner on the course, coming round the corner we ran together to cross the finish line as a team!


Finishing in under 5 hours in total we were pretty pleased with ourselves as we had just set out to enjoy the course rather than focus on a time.  Our medals were given to us on a podium which, in my mind, had one of the greatest tag lines above it …


I loved this race.  I loved the route, I loved the various terrain, I loved the views and I loved the atmosphere!

Thank you Helly Hansen for a such a brilliant event, the cake was fantastic and I shall definitely be seeing you next year … for the half ;D!

Race Recap: Bacchus Half Marathon

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A unicorn, 2 tumbles and whole lotta wine

Date/Time: Sunday 14th September 2014

Location: Denbies Wine Estate

Distance: 13.1 miles

Before I knew my incredible friends from TNR I used to read their blog posts and always enjoyed hearing about the crazy races they were involved in. One in particular stood out, Laura‘s post about the Bacchus Half Marathon! Fancy dress, wine stops, all the food and in glorious countryside. This year there was no way I wasn’t going to get involved.

So firstly the fancy dress, after a few ideas inspiration came … I was going to run like this ….


To get to the race venue it was a quick journey to Waterloo and then onto a 50 minute train to Dorking which as the stops went by slowly filled up with people in fancy dress … and trainers!  Off the train and a little 10 minute walk to the “vineyard” we were quickly surrounded by where’s wallys, brides, soldiers, wedding presents (?!), bumble bees, cheer leaders, minions … I could go on. The sun was shining, the music was pumping and everyone was in such good spirits!

Got to love that this sign was also pointing in the direction of the start line!

After a super quick bag drop and registration (NO QUEUES and smiling helpers) we had a quick group shot


And then headed over to the start line…

IMG_1512 IMG_1508

This race was SURREAL! I would say about 90% of people were dressed up, varying levels of effort but still everyone was a little different and after about a mile and a half of running through beautiful rows of grapes we came to the first wine stop ….

Leah showing us how its done! Meaty crisps, wine, water, chocolate

These “fuelling” stations were incredible!  A shot glass of wine, roast chicken crisps, haribo, raisins, dried apricots, jaffa cakes, borbon biscuits, fig rolls, nice biscuits, digestives, oranges, bananas, water, squash and energy gels.  It was really hard not to just grab everything, in fact we are sure someone people had little bags so they could stock up for later!

IMG_1520 IMG_1537

So after enjoying the first stop we then carried on to the next, through a little village which is where I took my first of two tumbles…. I tripped on the pavement … no idea why … I’m a light weight but there is no way a shot of wine would do that! Anyway I picked myself up and carried on to the next stop where we came across a group of farmyard animals (in trainers) singing “wine wine dehlia”, again this race really was surreal.  Stop two was also where a very kind first Aider dressed my knee, after a had to rip my tights off … apparently things had got a little bloody …

Photo courtesy of Leah
Photo courtesy of Leah

Through stop three and onto stop four we tried some glorious wine, I particularly enjoyed the rose, and the continued on a relaxed run through fields, among cows, horses, up woodland tracks, past beautiful country houses and on what would certainly make glorious Sunday walking routes.

IMG_1583 IMG_1525 IMG_1521 IMG_1514

At stop four we were greeted by bagpipers which actually seemed to be particularly fitting and after enjoying a very nice red wine Jen and I decided to carry on … Unbeknown to us, up a LONG hill!!


We were about half way through by this point and though it had been an extremely relaxed run I found the stopping and starting hard, plus I don’t really drink or eat whilst running so this was a totally different experience for me! So as the hill continued up and up this was definitely a test for the legs but of course I wanted to see if I could run the whole thing, just because I am crazy like that.  I managed it but at the top I couldn’t see a wine stop (surely there should have been one by now) I was by myself and well, shattered, so I decided to walk for a little bit but of course as I ventured round the corner there it was, the wine stop! Typical ha!

IMG_1538       IMG_1539

This stop was one of my favourites!  The volunteers were fantastic, dressed in Hawaiian gear, there were sweets all over the place, a steel band playing in the background and well the views were pretty incredible too!

From here it was back through the woods and onto my SECOND TUMBLE! Yes I fell again and this time really shredded my leg! I still cannot believe I fell…twice!  Anyway, I dusted myself off and carried on through the beautiful woodland where I heard someone shout “love the unicorn costume” where I responded “it’s not a costume… Oh wait STEPH!” My incredible, crazy, friend was actually running the race as a marathon! Yes if you wanted to (?!) you could run the Bacchus Marathon and she was! Looking so incredible strong and going at a great pace it was absolutely amazing to run a couple of miles with my dear friend and I was extremely pleased to wave her off at the penultimate wine stop looking so fresh!

smiles for miles, miles for smiles

By this point we were onto a very dry white wine which was perfect for me as I really didn’t like it so didn’t feel too guilty at not finishing my shot glass. Seriously all the liquid and food isn’t easy to run with! The final stop had promised fizz so you imagine our absolute dismay to find out that by the time we got there it had all gone!!!!


The last two miles were, as Steph promised, down hill and gave us the most incredible views! And coming back onto the estate smiles were all around!!!!

IMG_1555 IMG_1557 IMG_1558

On crossing the finish line I had Steph screaming my name and then proceeded to cry in her arms upon hearing she had absolutely smashed her marathon times! SERIOUSLY PROUD FRIEND MOMENT!

From here things got really exciting, the medal was a beast! And around the corner … ALL THE CAKE, chocolate tray cake, lemon cake, chocolate Swiss roll, vanilla Swiss roll and my favourite fruit cake with a marzipan layer! They also had loads of yummy fruit laid out too! These organisers know how to make a runner happy! This was then followed by what we had all been looking forward to! The hog roast! So as we all came across the finish line we sat and enjoyed our free HUGE hog bap in the sunshine and of course a glass of complimentary wine ;D …. I may have found the self serve ice cream too ….


All in all Bacchus Half Marathon is a fantastically fun race. Personally for me I’m not great at stopping and starting as my legs get a little achy but this race is definitely one to be experienced and enjoyed! BOOK YOUR PLACE FOR 2015 NOW…

…whilst I sit in unicorn socks icing my knee ;D


Race Recap: Spitfire Scramble

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Date/Time: Saturday 30th – Sunday 31st August
Location: Hornchurch Country Park
Distance: As many 10km laps as possible in 24hours

When Leah asked whether anyone would be interested in entering a competition to win a place in a 24 hour race weekend I, of course, jumped at the chance and put my name down and then forgot about it.  Then a couple of weeks ago we got an extremely surprising email confirming that we had won! Team Naturally Run would be the VIP team at the first Spitfire Scramble, 2014!

The Spitfire Scramble is a multi-terrain race where, as a team or as a solo runner (!?), you attempt to complete as many (roughly 10km) laps as possible over 24-hours!  So on what started out as a very rainy Saturday morning (thankfully the weather got a lot better the further East we went) Jen, Leah, Katy, Becs, Becki, Emma Nikki and I made our way, along with roughly 200 other runners, to Hornchurch, Essex to set up camp!

Me and my palace of a tent thanks to Miss Harry Capps!

Kitted out in predominately BLACK (personally the brighter the better for me when it comes to kit), BUT extremely comfortable Crewroom kit we had a quick photo shoot (and a costume change) and then got down to business deciding the order in which we would run … roughly thinking that each lap would be around an hour …


10687163_786847194698665_93922576972774354_n  10612853_786847278031990_1130217095822875881_n

First out was Becs, a tactical move as she is easily one of the fastest women I know and so would put us in a good place for the race!


Following Becs, Nikki headed out and then before I knew it I was being called up!

When my first lap came around I have to admit I was pretty nervous. Hearing that I was going to have to climb over things was definitely going to be a new experience for me during a run, and well this obviously wasn’t your typical race, start – run – finish and then go out for celebratory food, but I wanted to do well for my team so I set off and settled into a relatively steady pace.

The route took you through various terrains, uneven field track, gravel paths, muddy paths, around lovely lakes and then my favourite, woodland paths!



I was loving the off road route!  It was definitely a little different for my legs who had a few wobbles, but it was just so much fun, though having to stop to climb over things and then start running again is not the easiest!  On seeing the finish line I sprinted to the finish, passing on the illumious slapband!  Yes a slapband!  Checking my watch I was over the moon and ridiculously surprised, my first lap was sub 50!!! Literally beaming!


Whilst all the other girls one by one went out for their laps the rest of us just chilled out around our tents, eating, catching up, eating more and just enjoying spending some time together.

Oh and in some cases foam rolling …

We were extremely lucky to have some of the other TNR girls pop by for support too.  A huge thank you to Lucy and Glen who made this gorgeous sign …

The lovely Laura who brought homemade cheese straws!  Err amazing!  And then of course …. LISSY!!!!  The most amazing friend in the world for bringing my favourite thing ever, her DARK CHOCOLATE BANANA BREAD (if you want to make someone’s day head to her site for the recipe!  (Seriously it’s a game changer)


My second lap came at 21:30. At this point I was nervous, it was dark, and I mean reallydark.  I am super conscious about walking alone at night due to boring events when I first same to London and now I was about to run for 6miles by myself with just a headtorch through fields, parkland and woods!!!!! WTF!  This is where I have to give a HUGE mention Lissy (again) and the RDC team who gave me an amazing pep talk and assured me all would be fine!


With my amazingly strong headtorch (courtesy of LED Lenser) switched on, blinding everyone in the process, I plugged my headphones in and got going.  It was dark, the route was empty and my headtorch was my only source of light but this my friends was one of the most amazing running experiences I have EVER had.  There is something quite incredible about being alone in the countryside with just a headtorch and the stars, plus running in the dark meant that the hills, and there were a few sneaky ones along the route, were over before you knew it!  I loved it, I absolutely loved it and I obviously had so much fun even the Marshall’s were laughing about how much of a runners high I was on as I bounded across the finish line!


My third lap however was tough.  Orignally due to happen around 3:30 ish by about midnight I settled into my tent for a few hours sleep but at 1:30 I was woken up to hear the sad news that Jen was out due to a poorly leg and asked whether I could run sooner than planned … in 30 minutes!   Now this race was all about the team and well there was no way I was going to let the team down so I quickly got dressed and joined Emma at the change over point and then with very little sleep and fuelled by half a Mars Bar – thank you so much Emma I still owe you for that –  I ran from roughly 2:15-3:15 and I definitely felt my legs falling asleep whilst going down the hills!

When I got back Beki was there ready to go and explained that if I could would I be able to go again when she got back as both Jen and Leah were now officially out due to injury 😦 and Emma and Bex were catching up on some seriously well deserved zzz.  I figured as I was up why not and it would mean I could get a solid couple of hours once I was done so I headed to the food tent for some slightly better post run / pre race fuelling, a Nuun and my Bounce Ball whilst enjoying late night ramblings with some of the other runners!

The fourth lap was a bit of a blur to be honest, somewhere around 4:30, the sun was definitely on it’s way and once again it was just me, my headtorch and Ronnie Herel’s old skool mix.  I was pleased to see I got through it quicker than my third lap but by the time I crossed the line I was ready for sleep and so after a very sorry looking little bowl of oats and raisins I tucked myself in for a snooze.

Now originally we had all planned to do 3 – 4 laps each but due to some of the team being injured plans had gone a little awry.  When I woke up after a couple of hours sleep the team incredibly were still running but had said that there was no pressure to so anymore.  We had all gone way above expectations and we had all done each other proud but well … I wondered if my legs could do any more….

Doing a fifth lap would mean doing just shy of 30 miles, the furthest I have never run, it would mean getting another lap in for the team, and it would mean I could eat even more food!  My team were incredible and without hesitation told me if my legs were up for it I could do it!  So I did.

Seeing horses along the route definitely helped 🙂
Views from the top of the hill….
Legs telling me that going up hill hurts after 4 previous laps!

It was tough, I was tired, I was smelly, it was hot and the hills felt steeper in the daylight (hence the worn out face) BUT I did it and well I felt AMAZING!  I would not have got through that lap without knowing I had my teams’ support so thank you so so much ladies!

Incredibly Nikki was there at the finish line ready to go!  It was 11am ish and we had achieved our 24 laps but determined to get a 25th in Nikki set off to walk the final lap alongside Emma who on realising what she was up to ran to catch her up.  (It’s worth noting here as long as you cross the start line before 12 the lap would count.)

On seeing the girls coming round the corner towards the finish line we of course joined them to cross the final line as a team …

As you can see apparently I was loving it!

This race was such an amazing experience for me.  It was the Spitfire Scramble’s first year and I will definitely be signing up for next year!  It attracted a really lovely mix of people and the atmosphere throughout was extremely supportive and friendly!  The marshals along the route were smiley and the organiser himself, Danny, was extremely personable and made you feel very welcome!   A word of warning the catering wasn’t exactly ideal (unless you love salty bacon (which will repeat on you whilst running) and jacket potatoes for every meal over 24 hours) but fueling for this sort of thing was always going to be tricky!  Overall however it was fantastic and an experience I am so grateful to have shared with 7 other incredible running ladies :D.  We even came in the top 50% out of all the teams that took part!


Oh and it’s worth mentioning that we actually came first in our division “All female team of 8”!  That’s right we won trophies as well as medals!!!


So of course we used these to drink our celebratory fizz out of on the way home ;D!


A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN SPITFIRE SCRAMBLE!  Us TNR ladies had a truly fantastic 24 hours!

Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


Ed Sheeran ft Rick Ro$$ – Don’t

Labrinth – Let It Be  This link takes you to a live recording from Camden!  He is pretty epic!!

Blak Twang ft Rodney P, Jehst & Samson – Dettwork Southeast Remix  Link is to the original as I cannot find the re-release yet … but if you want to check it out head over to 1xtra & listen back to MistaJam’s show on 19.08.14 


Battle Oats 

If you were asked whether you would like to try some “tasty, gluten free, 100% natural protein flapjacks” would you say no?!  Of course NOT, I jumped at the chance to try some!  Flapjack = yummy, protein = I am all about my protein at the moment!  Provided by a young start-up company by the name of “Battle Oats” I was sent two of their brand new bars “Cranberry and Blueberry Fusion” and “Dark Choc Chip”.  Here’s the low down – they are free from wheat and gluten, high in protein isolate (22%!!), made with coconut oil, high in fibre, GMO free and most importantly … THEY ARE YUMMY.    Personally my favourite was the “Cranberry and Blueberry” as you could really taste the berries, but for those of you who like a chocolate fix then you know where to go!  I found the bars extremely tasty and extremely filling, they will definitely keep you full til lunch or would be great after a loong run/work out!   Thank you “Battle Oats” for sending the bars through, I shall definitely be looking out these once they hit the stores however, if you want to get your hands on them now and support a UK based company then head to the website now and buy buy buy! :D!

Battle Oats


Stuff, things, bits and pieces!

Primavera Fitness

We all know we love a pair of jazzy leggings and well these are pretty bright …

Capture.PNGrere erere fd

Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


Mike Hough – Downtown   – UK old skool sounding RnB … yum!

Beyoncé – Flawless (Remix) feat. Nicki Minaj – If you haven’t heard this already!

Sinead Harnett – Paradise! – Easy summer vibes


Baked Alaska!   So typically a Baked Alaska is a dessert food consisting of ice cream and cake topped with browned meringue.  Why oh why has it taken me nearly 28 years to discover this!  I mean I adore cake, everyone knows I am on an ice cream tip at the moment, in fact I cannot get enough of the stuff and meringue is never a bad thing!  So when I finally got the opportunity to try out “The Pudding Bar” in Soho – a place that serves pudding and alcohol (WINNING) I decided I should try it.

“Baked Alaska – Blueberry and cinnamon baked alaska with fresh blueberries and elderflower gel”


Literally AMAZING!  (We also tired the S’more Cheesecake – chocolate cheesecake on a ginger nut biscuit base with the BEST peanut butter ice cream I have ever tried!!!)

So, what am I telling you?  Try Baked Alaska AND get yourself down to The Pudding Bar!!!

Stuff, things, bits and pieces!

If you haven’t seen me post these all over social media please meet my brand new New Balance trainers!

These trainers are just so so comfy and the colours in their most recent collection right now are AMAZING!

Go on … treat yourself ;D!  We can never have enough trainers … right?




This week’s workouts & THAT rain!

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As always a bit of running, a bit of weight lifting and one random workout ;D  Just how I like it!!!


3 rounds of full body circuits followed by 30 minutes on the x trainer


Morning – All about upper body weights in the morning!  Very excitingly (to me) I know I am getting closer to doing an unassisted pull up … small goal for this year … me and my snowman twig arms have got a way to go yet but we are getting there!

Evening – First run back with my Run Dem family after two weeks away!  This time we went loooonnnng running to the Olympic Park and back!  I loved it, EVERY SINGLE MINUTE!  Always so good to catch up with everyone and regardless of the day I have had I always finish these runs with the biggest smile on my face.  Casual, unplanned 9 miles … whoops!



Intervals.  Horrible, horrible intervals! 10 minute warm up, 10 x 1 minute efforts followed by a 10 minute cool down.  It was hard, it was sweaty but hey I got it done and the reward was 100% WORTH IT ;D!  These legs WILL get used to speed!



3 rounds of full body circuits and a lovely 30 minute jog in the sunshine.  Nothing like getting up early and having a relaxed run in the sunshine!


REST DAY!!  Actually enjoyed today’s rest day, well my legs did that’s for sure!  And instead of getting sweaty I chucked on my dress and heels and enjoyed some gin at the Gin Joint with some very gorgeous ladies …


Steph, Lissy and Laureen ;D


Oh you know, casually became a fully qualified indoor cycling (or spin as we know it) instructor ;D!

A good few hours of spinning, shouting, more spinning and eating!!  More to come on this shortly!



A WET RUN.  Yep the lovely Alice and I said we would go on a little run to catch up and then have a HUGE brunch afterwards.  I think the run was our excuse to have more brunch HOWEVER, the English weather had other plans!  So I set out in the pouring rain (thank god for my uber stylish visor!) and ran the 18minutes to Alice’s door.  I love the running community, on my way to Alice’s house I passed a good few other crazy runners also braving the rain and every single one I passed gave me a knowing smile “YES we are MAD”!  I picked up Alice and we braved the outdoors, planning to do a 30 minute loop around Highbury.  It was wet, and when I say wet I mean WET.  The paths were flooded, the park waterlogged and we, well we were wet to the bone, quickly discovering that our trainers were not “flood proof”.  So 5 minutes in we gave up, turned round grabbed a towel and went to Lululemon Islington to enjoy a yoga class instead.  By the time we had finished our busy day of run, yoga, brunch and bed dismantling/ripping apart the sun showed up so YES we did go back out for a glorious 30 minute run!  HA!  Take that English weather ;D we got ya in the end!  48 minutes of running, 1 hour of flow yoga, 2 hours of brunching and 2 hours of ripping wood to shreds!  It was a good day!




This week’s word: Sweat.

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The world’s sweatiest run!  Whilst in Valencia it was only right that we tried out a run or two in the gorgeous green path created by the old Turia riverbed.  So setting out nice and early (to beat the 35 degree heat?!?) Harry and I made our way to the park and did enough of a stretch to make it a nice 3 miler and then headed back.  I love running in new cities, it’s just a great way to see the place BUT by the time we got back we were both a complete sweaty mess! I have done HOT yoga before and definitely needed a towel during it but nothing competes with how we felt after this run!



Flexing our muscles in an attempt to keep calm with delay after delay after delay getting back to the UK ;D!


3 rounds of full body circuits followed by a HIIT workout on the stepper!  Definitely not on holiday anymore! Ha!


Making my track!  Inspired by some of my incredibly speedy friends I decided to get out and do some interval training.  Now I don’t have a track outside my door but the lovely Laura had mentioned that she had used the Emirates Stadium as a track in the past … so off I went!  A nice 1.2 mile warm up followed by 6 x 400 “sprints” with a 1.2 mile cool down home.  I will be doing a lot more of these sorts of runs as my legs are not built for speed. Not one bit! Ask me to run and I’ll go and go and go, ask me to go fast and it’s another story … maybe if you put a piece of carrot cake on a stick I might be more tempted ;D!



Weights day!  Yay!  There is something really satisfying about lifting! So a few rope pulls, pull ups, shoulder presses, bent over presses and pull over presses later I was a very happy lady!


Hungover circuits followed by a horrendous 3 miler on the treadmill. There isn’t much to be said about this run. The cocktails from the night before definitely did not enhance my run, but hey I still got a 2minute plank in!



Back in Christmas 2013 I contacted Leah,  a lovely blogger I had had the pleasure of meeting at a few races/NTC sessions, after seeing her post a picture out on a run with a couple of other girls all in the name of marathon training!  Having just agreed to do my first marathon, and with no idea where to start, I asked Leah if I could join them on their next run.  So one VERY cold winter morning I went and met a load of strangers and went for a run.  8 months later, with numerous shared races, training weekends, RUNcations and of course celebratory meals & drinks I now call those strangers some of my closest friends and this Sunday I met up with Harry & Steph and ran a glorious 8.8mile route around Hyde park retracing that original route I did in winter!  It was absolutely gorgeous!  Running, chatting and taking some stunning scenery, plus we did a bit of celeb spotting Adele!

I LOVE running!