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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


Lion Babe – Impossible  

Shaka – Say Nada 



As I mentioned in my post about cycling from London to Paris  one of the most important things whilst on the road was to ensure that we just kept “having a nibble”.  This meant ensuring our bodies had plenty of fuel to keep us going up some pretty serious French hills!  One of my favourite snacks along the way were 9bars, and most of my friends will tell you I am a little obsessed with these yummy, seedy snacks.

9bars are a high fibre, gluten free, mixed seed energy bar, where the seeds actually make up to around 71% of the bar itself.  If you didn’t already know seeds are a great source of plant protein and are also rich in essential fatty acids and high in Omega 3 – sounds pretty good right!

I have found these bars perfect for my long rides as they seem to fuel my legs and are actually pretty filling!  It’s also worth mentioning that they have an incredible amount of different flavours ….


Personally my favourites are from are their “Cocoa Kick” range, previously known at the “Indulge range”.  These bars have an gorgeous layer of yummy cocoa mixed with either raspberry, cashew, coconut or hazelnut.  I don’t know how many raspberry bars I got through whilst in France ;D


And on top of being a pretty tasty they have now teamed up with UK charity SolarAid, who provide solar lights to those who need them most in Africa, so every time you buy a bar you are providing energy elsewhere giving “good energy, twice”.  So many reasons to try all the flavours ;D

PS. Just wanted to say a little thank you to 9bar who kindly gave me a couple of bars to try ahead of my long ride, I have been a fan of 9bar for ages now and was extremely grateful to receive a few more before I started on those 200+ miles!!

Stuff, things, bits and pieces!

Can we just dicsuss these flip flops !!!

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Havaianas have released 3 different types of Snoopy flip flops and well we all know exactly where I am going before I fly off to France next week … but just which one to pick!