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So now that I am not sticking to a training plan I figured it would be great time to go and try some of the various classes that have been on my list for a while and share my thoughts on them  …

This weeks class focus  Speedflex

Based deep in the city Speedflex offers a unique type of circuit-based training using some pretty interesting machines.  I use the term interesting because unlike conventional gym machines that we are all know and “love”, the Speedflex machines are smart, automatically responding to and creating resistance levels based on the force you place on them.  So what this means is regardless of your strength/fitness levels everyone in the class can get a serious workout without the faff of adding or decreasing weights each time!  Snazzy hey!

WhatsApp-Image-20160707 (1)So my experience?

I tried a couple of the core classes at the Speedflex studio both in the early hours of the morning (as we all know by now that I am an early bird) and the classes were busy but not rammed which I very much prefer.  Before you start you are given a heart rate monitor which allows you to track how hard you are working throughout the class and how you are doing compared to others (if you are that way inclined).

The introductory session that you have to take before you sign onto any of the classes, that demonstrates how the machines work, is hugely helpful as the classes start pretty sharpish and you are told to just get going.  You get the sense that everyone in the class comes very regularly and actually this gives a nice community feel to them.  What I also noticed was how mixed the classes were in terms of gender, age, build etc.  Due to the machines offering anyone a good workout it’s nice to see such a variety attending!

During the class you are given a circuit to follow which can include movements such as squats, shoulder press, step ups, clean and press, upright rows etc etc and then there are kettlebells, sandbags and boxes around the room for mat based exercises (there are only so many machines in each studio).

After the class I made my way into what felt like a huge changing room with more lockers, benches and towels than I knew what to do with.  You really get the impression that these studios are used by people who need a quick workout – they come in, they get the class done, speed shower and leave.

I genuinely enjoyed the 30 minute core sessions that I tried.  I was looking to keep up my strength work whilst not impacting on my 70.3 training and they did exactly that.  The studio explains due to the low impact nature of the machines there should be minimal to no post-exercise pain and they were most certainly right and yet you still get incredibly sweaty during the sessions themselves.

However, I did feel that even with the induction you do literally get thrown into a session.  Unlike many classes I have experienced where the instructor would demonstrate and then you would follow these classes are about getting the most out of the time you have and so you find yourself following your workout buddies for guidance – pros and cons there.

Simply put if you are looking for a short and sharp work out with minimal impact, maybe you are in recovery from an injury or already do enough high impact activity, then Speedflex is most definitely for you.  Not to mention their changing rooms are screaming out to by used and enjoyed.  However, if you are someone who likes a little more guidance to understand more about each exercise performed I fear this might feel a little too rushed for you.

Thank you again Speedflex for letting me try out the sessions.  As I mentioned I took part whilst doing my 70.3 training to add more strength training to my week and it worked perfectly.  Having no DOMS but still feeling like you have done a thorough strength session is huge win for me!

Click here if you fancy a free session


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