Wanting a bit of relaxation? Try reflexology…

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As you might have heard currently I am training a lot.  I am training for a marathon and a half ironman so as you can imagine my body is under quite a bit of pressure.  Since I started training for what feels like everything I have become a keen “yogi”, paying more attention to post run stretches and just ensuring I am doing everything possible to aid recovery and keep my body in good working order.

Recently I was contacted by the Association of Reflexologists asking whether I would be interested in receiving a free reflexology treatment in return for an honest review, I thought why on earth not “every little helps”, right? 

I didn’t know much about reflexology, just that it was something to do with your feet and that it was meant to be relaxing and my experience proved that this was most definitely the case.

So aside from something to do with feet what really is it? Reflexology is a non-intrusive health therapy based on the idea that different points on the feet, leg, hands, face or ears correspond with difference areas of the body.  Reflexologists believe that working these points/areas can aid in relaxation and improve general wellbeing.  Sounds good right?

I met with Felicity Bevell at The Hale Centre, just off Regent’s Park (so fancy), who kindly explained a bit about the treatment and what to expect then asked me to remove my socks and shoes and lie on the bed.  With soft lighting, a comfy bed and relaxing music Felicity explained that it was completely normal for people to fall asleep during the treatment and not to worry if that happens.  Initially, it was very strange to have someone being so close to my feet, the poor woman, but I was surprised to find that I wasn’t as ticklish as I usually am and it did not take me long to relax.  During the treatment I do remember being intrigued that random areas of my body were reacting when different points of my feet were being touched but if I am completely honest I don’t remember much else – I think I went to sleep!?!

After the treatment Felicity talked me through what she found through working with my feet.  Surprisingly, I am obviously under a bit of stress (I wonder why) and she noticed that my tummy was a little under the weather (yep I do have stomach issues from time to time and this is often brought on by stress) but aside from this she also noticed other things that completely baffled and impressed me (how did she know)!  I left The Hale Centre feeling totally relaxed and calm if not a little bit dopey and ready for bed.

A few days later I did notice that my back and shoulders were extremely heavy and when speaking to Felicity regarding this she explained that I was extremely stressed in these areas and so this might be caused by all the toxins being released and flushed out of my system.  However, she kindly provided me with a “DIY” reflexology sheet to help continue to target these areas until the heaviness lifted.

All in all my experience of reflexology was a wonderful one.  Felicity was calming and most certainly made me feel at ease and the treatment itself felt fantastically indulgent and relaxing.  So if you are looking for something a little different, and a little less painful than a sports massage (?!?!), to relax those hard working muscles of yours then maybe reflexology is worth a try!


And relax …. 



Please note that I was extremely lucky to be offered a free treatment but the thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


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