Week 5 & 6

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Sorry I missed a week … I blame the chocolate induced coma that happened over Easter … whoops.

Week 5 

3 runs – 2 short, 1 long

2 rides – 1 road, 1 turbo

1 swim

1 strength session, plus all the yoga and walks along the seafront (thanks to the Easter Break back up North :D)

Week 6 

3 runs – 2 short, 1 LOONNNGGG

3 rides – 1 road, 1 turbo, 1 watt bike session

2 swims – 1 long, 1 recovery

1 strength session and then a day of kettlebells and a day of TRX training (thanks to my PT course! My arms are still struggling to go above my head!)

So what have I learnt over these last two weeks?  People, people are super important to have around you when you are trying something crazy.

Going into this I knew it was not going to be easy.  I am not the sort of person to do things by half, I write plans and I stick to them, even if that means getting up at stupid o’clock or squeezing things into every last minute of the day.  I am stubborn, I mean “determined”, like that.  This current juggling act of marathon training, half ironman training, PT training, general life, work etc etc is pretty tricky and I am just so extremely lucky to have such a great bunch of friends and family who so far have been nothing short of amazing whilst I attempt to do it all.

I am lucky to have people who have no interest in 70.3, they keep me sane and remind me there are other things out there to get just as excited about.  I have friends who love running and/or cycling/swimming who will join me in my training, combining socialising and training, I mean who doesn’t love a natter whilst jogging along the river :D.  I have friends who are extremely into and super knowledgeable about all things about ironman and talking to them, sharing concerns, experiences, excitement reminds me that I am not alone in this (and that I am not completely crazy).  There are the people who I talk to through various social media channels (yep, internet friends) who are going through all this for the first time too, offering the opportunity to talk about training highs and lows.  And there is my other half who cooks epic dinners for me after long days, puts up with my routine and sleepy self when it comes past 10pm!

All in all I would say that without the people around me this experience would be a very different one!  My advice would be to make sure, even though I appreciate that trying to fit everything in is frustratingly difficult, that you always make time to see/speak to your friends and family 😀


Pictures from runs with friends, walks with friends, breakfasts with friends and a spot of therapy with friends 😀 

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