Do you do yoga

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Do you do yoga?  Janelle Monáe once asked …

Yes Janelle I most certainly do!  I am extremely inflexible (touching my toes was a serious goal last year – which I achieved ;D), I am not really into the spiritual side of things and I genuinely doubt that I will ever be able to do a headstand due to total fear of falling BUT I am loving yoga at the moment so I thought I would share some of my favourite teachers / classes.


FBY was actually the first yoga session I went to when I first moved to London. Taught by the beautiful Jess, her sessions are usually in super funky spaces – imagine fairy lit workspaces or roof gardens – with a really good soundtrack (in my opinion) offering the perfect balance of spirtualness and stretchiness (yes I think I just made up a word).  My runners legs seem to love the poses she talks you through and her smooth voice always calms my 100 mile an hour mind down!


Yin yang yoga
Introduced by the wonderful Harry Capps from OFTR!  Yotopia offer a 90 minute yin yoga class on a Thursday night, 30 minutes of yang to get your muscles nice and warm followed by 45 minutes of luxurious yin yoga. For those who don’t know yin yoga is a practice where the poses are held from anything between 3 – 5 minutes allowing you to really get deep into the stretch .  You will feel every tight muscle release, this is of course once you learn to relax ha!  This is by far my favourite type of yoga as it really feels like I am getting the stretch my body is craving!


I met the lovely Erin of Jasyoga last year when a few of the girls I run with were raving about her “athlete specific” sessions. Erin, once an athlete herself, has an online portal for a very small price, where you can access all sorts of short yoga videos specifically designed for runners/cyclists etc.  If there is a specific body part/group you would like to go work on I guarantee there is a video for you as well as pre and post workout routines and meditation videos.  I really feel that Erin understands what people who are extremely active need and my body agrees too!   Plus you can do these sessions anywhere!  At home, in the gym, outside … the possibilities are endless!


So there you go, there are some of my favourites!  Are there any classes in London that you could recommend ??


Perfecting “Happy Baby” pose

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