Week 4

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Week 4 looked like this …

Swim: 1 x 2km swim session (more swimming is needed!)

Bike: 1 road cycle / 1 spin session / 1 turbo session

Run: 1 tempo run / 1 lonnnggg run

1 x strength session and all the yoga 


Things I have learnt this week? 

Training the mind is just an important is training the body.

Last week was a really tough week.  As well as trying to train for a marathon and a half ironman I am also studying to become a qualified Personal Trainer – because obviously I don’t have enough to do?!? The course means that every other weekend I spend Saturday and Sunday 9-5 in a gym (not ideal when your weekends are usually the time you would get your long runs/cycles in) and last weekend was one of those weekends plus it was exam time.

So, knowing that I had a massive week of studying, training and the attempt of a very long week before work ahead it was time to find a way of stopping my brain from exploding!

Some people read, some people take a bath, for me, doing just a little bit of stretching/yoga each night before bed seemed to the perfect solution.  By focusing on stretching out my tight muscles instead of the 101 things I needed to do meant I instantly felt calmer and was ready for some much needed sleep, another discipline important to perfect when attempting a TRI!   So yes it’s totally important to get all those training sessions in but it would appear it is also totally important to keep calm!  Train you mind to as they say “Keep Calm and Carry On”




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