Shake it off! 

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Unfortunately T-Swizzle isn’t quite correct on this one.  With long runs, cycles and lanes upon lanes in the pool I know my body is feeling a little less spritely of late and as much as “shaking it off” / jumping round to a great pop song might help some I thought I would just share some of my home “remedies” to relieve sore muscles …

Compression gear – now I genuinely don’t know if it works, I honestly have no idea. For me it could be all in my head but what I do know for sure is that I suffer from tight calves so as you can imagine I was, sadly, delighted when one birthday I was given a turquoise pair of calf compression guards.  Anytime I’m home I pop these guys on and I do think it helps … but honestly who’s to know.


Hot muscle rubs – I got introduced to Natural Hero Hot Muscle Rub a long time ago and I still love it!  It is still my go to if there are any specific areas that are shouting at me.  Just imagine a hot water bottle hugging the exact area of achiness or soreness, even if it’s an obsecure area – like your bum … Yep, squats hurt.


The STK – we all know about rolling and yes I most certainly roll but the stick is something new in my active stuff collection. Perfect for those hard to get to areas, I blast my hamstrings and calves with this thing and try to really find those “sweet spots”.  I find the stick is really good if there is a serious problem area!  That, followed by some muscle rub, oh so good!!!


Legs up the wall – yep literally legs up the wall. This nugget of invaluable information was passed onto me from another running buddy and I swear by it!  Most evenings, just before bed, you will find me with my bum as close to the wall as possible with my legs up it until my feet turn a slightly unnervingly grey. I think it is the single most important aspect of my very own sports therapy centre and I advise everyone and anyone to give it a go. It’s also the perfect way to switch off before bed as we all know how important a good nights sleep is for recovery too!


So there you have it!  A few things that I do to try and help my body get used to half Ironman training…

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