Week 3

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Training this week

1 road cycle – in the FREEZING cold

1 spin session

3 runs – one social, one tempo, one long

1 track session

1 swim session – which included analysis! More on this soon …

2 core sessions

1 strength session



Thoughts after this week:

  • Look after your back!  Running, cycling and swimming is a lot of stress on your back so I am currently trying to focus on core strength and build my back strength to combat this.  Plus all the stretching you could imagine!
  • Fueling running and cycling are extremely different!  Out of the three disciplines my body is definitely more used to running and whereas now I could run 18 miles+ with no food cycling is a completely different matter.  I am still pretty new to the world of cycling and many of my cycling friends have shocked me when they tell me how much food they take on whilst cycling however this week I went out on a ride with no breakfast and had no plans to take on any extra fuel during the ride.  Afterwards … emergency CLIF bar bought and a sit down in Evans needed… lesson learned.  Must look more into fueling for cycling.
My social run was to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March with all of these fabulous ladies! Thanks to Sorrell Walsh and Laura Stewart for organising! 

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