Winter Warmers

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So over the last couple of weekends I don’t know if you noticed but it got COLD and I mean proper red raw fingers, sniffling nose, teeth chattering cold!

I am still learning the best way to survive running and cycling in slightly more bitter times but I thought I would share my key items when battling the cold.

1.  Invest in good leggings!  I know there are lots of amazing leggings available at varying prices but if I am being honest nothing beats my Nike Sculpt Women’s Training Tights and my Lululemon Speed Tights  Granted these are definitely both on the more expensive end but I believe it’s worth it.  Both these leggings keep me warm and dry and most importantly do not fall down when jogging, running or sprinting!

2.  Feetures!  I was recently sent some products from Feetures, a company who specialise in performance socks for runners.  My new favourite thing – their Elite Merino+ sock.  These guys are ridiculously soft, in fact initially I just wore them around the house as they felt cosy enough to be slipper socks but with the extra bite in the air I thought it was time to take them for a test drive.  DREAMY!  These socks are just magical, the merino insulates keeping your feet warm and dry, even in wet weather.  I was slightly concerned that feeling so cosy my feet would be quick to over heat whilst running but even after 9 miles I could not fault them!  Now I just need to invest in some glove liners of the same fabric and I shall be a very happy person!

3.  A running buff.  Do you remember how your mum used to always tell you to wrap up warm?  She had a point.  It is quite amazing the amount of warmth you can lose from around your neck and so a running buff is ideal.  These things can be picked up relatively cheap but are super handy particularly if, like me, once you start running you are quick to warm up as they can be easily removed and placed round your wrist for the rest of the run.  I actually wore the Nike Neck Warmer whilst doing my race in the Arctic at the beginning of this year, if that wasn’t a good test I don’t know what is!

] buff

4.  Not so much about battling the cold but more about safety as it doesn’t only get cold in winter, it gets dark!   So when sent a box of various night safety equipment what do you do ….




Slightly sinister hey!

But on a serious note, what I have noticed that with cyclists and runners alike the more you look like a Christmas Tree the better.   On the bike it’s pretty obvious that you should have lights at the front and back of your bike, flashing away and similarly with running reflective gear is always recommended but I also really enjoyed adding these light spurs to my dark weather gear!  Built to sit on the back of your trainers and flash away these LED spurs are battery operated and should last for up to 40 hours+  Personally I quite enjoyed how they made me feel like I had light up trainers, you know the ones kids have, yep I wouldn’t actually mind adult versions of these and well this sort of helps!

Discreet in the light … very bright in the dark!

So there we are just a couple of pointers about how what I wear whilst being out and about during this cold weather … we all knew it would happen at some point … we maybe just weren’t quite ready for it to be now apparently!!!


PS. Thanks to Nathan Sports for giving me the opportunity to try out some of their running products!


2 thoughts on “Winter Warmers

    katieferg89 said:
    12/03/2015 at 5:19 pm

    I’ve got THE BEST winter leggings from Decathlon which are super fleecy inside. And the Nike neck warmer is a godsend – I find it’s also really good to prevent the ‘shock of breathing in cold air’ factor as well. I wish the weather would just decide what it is doing as I can’t cope with so much chopping and changing – I could have easily run in shorts today!

      charliezbrown responded:
      12/03/2015 at 5:25 pm

      You know what I have actually heard that before! Must go check them out! And I know what you mean, I kicked off advent running on the 1st and I was in a crop top!?!?!?!?!

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