Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


Jamie Woon in the Live Lounge HIS VOICE!

The Weeknd ft Ed Sheeran – Dark Times 

SG Lewis ft. JP Cooper – Shivers



Blend Bros 

I was recently asked whether I wanted to try some cooking sauces and not just any cooking sauces – protein filled cooking sauces!  Now as my runs are getting more intensive and my love for swinging around heavy kettlebells is growing I thought, why not, as we all know that protein is good for us and that apparently most of us do not get enough in our diet!

So, firstly we tried the “Spanish Tomato & Chorizo

We baked a sweet potato and then stir fried some kale, broccoli and aubergine, adding the sauce (you have to mix the powder with hot water) once everything had softened. TA DAH …. as simple as that.


My opinion: I really enjoy the sauce on the veggies, I couldn’t really taste the chorizo all that much but it did help to create a really tasty, warming meal and with the sauce it ensured I was getting 20grams of protein without the addition of any meat / pulses.  Also worth mentioning it was very filling!

The second attempt “Thai Jungle Curry

For this we boiled some brown rice, whilst mixing the sauce with chickpeas, peppers, chicken and broccoli.


My opinion: So the sauce really does give a curry feel, you can really taste the coconut in it, and Paulie loved it.  For me however it was not my favourite sauce, I much preferred the tomato based sauce but maybe that is just a taste preference.

So, these sauces are dairy free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans with no preservatives or anything artificial.  Currently you can buy them online in 990gram tins (18 servings) for under £20 which works out pretty reasonable for a pre-made sauce.  Now I personally much prefer to make my own sauces BUT if I was looking for a quick fix I actually would not hesitate at all to cook with these sauces again.  Super simple and got to get that protein in right? ;D


Stuff, things, bits and pieces!


I recently went to an event which was held in Harrods sports department and apart from all the free food / drink I also “spotted” these …

Adidas Originals – SLIM SUPERGL TP


Yes there are tracksuit bottoms but they are amazing and they even have a matching tshirt and a jacket!  In fact most of the stuff that Adidas have bought out this season is pretty impressive, so many good colours and prints!  I don’t need more lycra but …




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