Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


Maribu State – Midas


26 Grains

Now I have already experienced breakfast from these guys at an event and my days it was good!  However, Paulie and I recently found ourselves in the search of lunch whilst in Covent Garden but we ideally wanted to eat outside and not be completely overwhelmed with tourists.  HELLO 26 grains and their savoury menu!

Tucked away in Neals Yard – a place with soo many good spots – 26 Grains opened it’s first shop a few months ago offering a mouth watering selection of healthy bowls based on grains (such as oats, buckwheat, guinoa, millet), spices and fresh ingredients!

As I said we wanted lunch and as much as I love porridge, and their porridge did look good, we were hungry for something savory!  We actually went for one of their savory bowls, the Tomato and Coconut bowl to be exact.  This incredible bowl is made up of coconut, tomato, spelt, avocade, halloumi and almo.  It arrived in a perfectly sized bowl (I have a thing about bowls!) and it was extremely tasty and filling!


This lovely lunch experience has secured the fact that I will most be definitely be coming back for more!

Stuff, things, bits and pieces!

Whilst browsing through the bottom floor in topshop on Oxford Street – the best floor in my mind – I came across this …


Uni Boob Ringer Tee – GENIUS NAME!





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