Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


After seeing the incredible man that is D’angelo this week at the Roundhouse in Camden I thought it was only right to dedicate my week’s favourite tracks him.  The man was INCREDIBLE live, just incredible!

D’angelo and the Vanguard – Really Love 

D’Angelo – Brown Sugar

D’angelo – Cruisin’

D’angelo – Untitled (how does it feel)  – OH THIS VIDEO!




If you are like me and like your pancakes thick and stacked high then J&A Cafe might be worth a visit. Tucked behind Clerkenwell Road this lovely little spot has a wonderful little outdoor area, bunting and all, as well as spacious indoor seating.  We decided to head here for breakfast the other morning as I may have spotted an incredible photo of their pancakes and wanted to see if they tasted as good as they looked! Think pancake, scrambled eggs, bacon, pancake, scrambled egg, followed by another rasher of bacon! Oh and with some maple syrup on the side! It was just flippin (get it!) awesome! Quick, smiley service, lovely atmosphere, this really is a bit of a gem and looking around the other breakfasts looked pretty good too. But let’s be honest I will be going back for these … 


Worth mentioning their Victoria sponge, carrot cake and chocolate Guinness cake looked pretty tempting too, even at 7am!




Stuff, things, bits and pieces!


I had heard of a women’s only sneaker shop a while ago but it was only last weekend that I finally visited the store located in Shoreditch (near one of my favourite cake spots) and made my feet extremely happy!

These beauts are Adidas FX 500 2.0 and amazingly they were on sale!  The store has a lust worthy collection of shoes from a huge variety of brands as well as some extremely nice clothes and bags!  I have a feeling this place could be very dangerous to me!






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