Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


Wookie – Battle 2015 mix – ok so the link is for the original as the 2015 version hasn’t been released yet.  This track reminds me of one my first times wandering London by myself.  I was staying in Hackney, I was 15 and this was pumping out a window – I loved it! Nothing but good vibes!

Pharrell Williams – Freedom Not my usual choice but there was something about watching this at Glasto … 

David Zowie – House Every Weekend … WEEKEND! 



 Moomin Liquorice

Ok totally random I know but whilst wandering around the streets of London Paulie and I popped into Skandium to look at lots of nice things and in the back they had a little confectionery section and we couldn’t help but pick up these …

Fazer-liquorice-perry-vanillin-20g-1024x221 Fazer-liquorice-blueberry-raspberry-20g-1024x232

These are filled liquorice sticks, the green pear and vanilla, the purple blueberry and raspberry.  Now I know that liquorice is a very love/hate thing but I personally love liquorice, as does my entire family and it has to be said that these little sticks are amazing!!  They taste exactly as you imagine and amazingly not at all artifical!  At 40p I shall definitely be picking up some more the next time I pop in!!!


Stuff, things, bits and pieces!


I know it’s a little bit hot for full length tights right now but I couldn’t help but spot these whilst on the Nike website the other day … YES PLEASE!









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