Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


Rather than listing tracks this week I thought I would bring your attention to a radio show that has got me through the last 3 Mondays.  I am an RnB girl first and foremost, old and new, and I was extremely excited to hear that Jamz Supernova, a female DJ that the hero that is Ronnie Herel brought to my attention some time ago, was going to be given her own spot on 1xtra at 16:00 on Saturday afternoons.

Her show supplies you with an awesome mixture of old favourites and new tracks so if you are into your RnB this really is worth a listen!!!!

Click here to find a list of all the episodes so far … and ENJOY



Cutter and Squidge

It started with an image on Instagram of a massive cake (one to rival Home Sweet Home!), followed by a taster in Selfridges Food Hall (one of my favourite food spots ha!) and then I heard that they were opening a pop up in Soho.  So what better way to celebrate a race then a trip to a cake shop.

This gorgeous slice of cake heaven (see what I did there) can be found in Brewer Street and offers nothing but an incredible selection of cakes, biskies (imagine a cake/biscuit/cookie in one), veggie marshmallows as well as hot and cold drinks!  The biskies are very tasty but for me it was all about the “Dream Cakes”.


OH MY CAKE – I would definitely click the link to see more incredible photos on their instagram account as I will be honest I was far more interested in stuffing my face rather than taking photos, as proved here …


I promise they taste as dreamy as their name!


Stuff, things, bits and pieces!

This week whilst stopped at a red light I started a conversation with a fellow cyclist because he was wearing this …

simon s siomon

If this means nothing to you please go here now and watch some on the youtube videos.  My litttle bro introduced me to “Simon’s Cat” and there are awesome!

This cycling jersey is most definitely on my wish list and can be found here 







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