Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …



Fields Bar & Kitchen

If you happen to be in the Holborn area, fancy a little bite to eat and like the idea of escaping the busy city then this just might be the spot.

After my final swimming drill session before the big event Paulie and I decided to celebrate with breakfast out.  Tucked away in Lincoln’s Inn Fields this lovely little place offers a perfectly sized breakfast menu, lots of yummy looking snacks and plenty of seating!  With the sun shinning we took advantage of the outdoor area and enjoyed our breakfast whilst watching people make use of the tennis courts!

I devoured a big bowl of yogurt, fruit and granola (plenty of yogurt and fruit, I personally would have liked more granola but that’s because I LOVE granola) whilst he enjoyed a “SLAB” of french toast with bacon and lashings of maple syrup – and yes he ordered extra!  Oh and we may have shared a HUGE white chocolate and raspberry muffin … just because 🙂


All in all a lovely little hidden gem.


Stuff, things, bits and pieces!

Ok so this is ridiculous amount of money but well I have been doing an awful lot of yoga recently (and loving it) and when I saw this I couldn’t help but add it to the wish list …


yep that’s a yoga mat in the style of a magic carpet!

Carpet Print Yoga Mat – found on Urban Outfitters (spotted on Wholeheartedly Healthy’s facebook page!)





3 thoughts on “Friday’s Fact File

    anotherwisemonkey said:
    06/19/2015 at 6:20 pm

    What’s the big event? I haven’t seen you for more than two minutes for ages what with your injury. Have you managed any more runs?

    In other news, that is the best yoga mat I’ve ever seen. Totally need one of those, ridiculous price notwithstanding.

    I’m with you on the granola and I’m with Paulie on the bacon and maple syrup. Combine the two and you possibly have the perfect breakfast.

    I really enjoy your blog posts I enjoy so I’m putting you on a list of recommended websites over at anotherwisemonkey. Keep up the good work!

      charliezbrown responded:
      06/23/2015 at 11:27 am

      So you may have seen it was a triathlon … my first ever. The injury is getting a lot better thanks, still pokes it’s head up from time to time but just going to keep working on strengthening and take it step by step 😀
      I know that mat is extremely lustworthy isn’t it …. hopefully Santa is listening ha!
      Chris I am extremely pleased to hear that you like the blog posts and my rambling 😀 hopefully you get to try the granola with the slab of french toast soon!!

        anotherwisemonkey said:
        06/23/2015 at 12:23 pm

        Ramble on! And big congratulations on the triathlon. It looked awesome. 🙂

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