Runners Not Running: Psycle

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Very excitingly I was invited down to Psycle a while back to “enjoy” a 60 minute spinning class and then have a sneak preview at the Richard Nicoll X Sweaty Betty collection, available next week (more on this on Friday)!

So lets discuss Psycle …

Arriving at the studio you cannot deny that their staff are super friendly and extremely helpful, particularly to Psycle newbies (I have been once before but it was a long time ago – check Charlie’s blog to hear about that!).  You are provided with cleated shoes, free of charge, which I think it brilliant, but a little tip if you are not used to wearing them DO NOT put them on until you are downstairs and pretty much in the studio, apparently there are not as easy as they look to walk in!  The actual spin class itself is definitely different to any spin class I have been to before.  When you walk into the dark studio with what I like to call “disco beams” all over the walls and ceiling, you are instructed to pick up hand weights!?!


The class has a lot more focus on the upper body than I am used to.  You start going through various spin style sections and then it’s time to start working those arms – OUCH (I definitely felt the upper body workout I had done the day before!) The music is brilliant as it includes lots of current tracks that have been (in my opinion) successfully remixed to give them even more energy and drive you during the workout.  This 60 minute class definitely got my heart rate up, though the incredible instructor Chiara looked like she hadn’t started!  Post class all Psycle class survivors are treated to as many towels as needed, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, moisturiser, deodorant … the list goes on!  This definitely appeals, apart from makeup they literally have everything there for you!   It is a little more on the expensive side being £20 a class but the studios are gorgeous, the staff are friendly, the class will definitely get you sweaty and the changing rooms are seriously kitted out!

If I am honest I prefer a more “traditional” type of indoor cycle class, without hand weights, mainly because I do weight sessions in my regular week by week workouts however, I do think Pscyle offers a fun, full body workout.  So, if you are into pumping tunes, like a full body work out and up for sweating in a dark room with strobe lights then definitely give Pscyle a go!



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