Runners Not Running: Pole

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As running was a completely new thing to me a couple of years ago I am now in the mindset that I like to try everything once to see what else might take my fancy …

A few weeks ago Gymbox very kindly offered the opportunity to try one of their pole classes so I thought it would be rude not to!  Particularly as I would be joined by fellow fitness fanatic, and lovely lady, Emma from Lunges and Lycra.  Pole has always been sold to me as an extremely full on core workout but Gymbox assured me that these classes were suitable for complete beginners so off we went!

The class started with a warm up to a backdrop of pretty funky chart music.  The big stretches and rotational movements highlighted straight away that this runner needed to work on her flexibility but all in all the warm up definitely got us warm and ready to start working that pole!

Pole … not sure if I was ready for this …


Split into two groups, beginners and experienced, we each settled next to one of the 5 poles in the studio to start practicing our moves.  Whilst the more experience girls got to it our super impressive teacher went through the basics.

Firstly, just the basic walk leading into a jump and lock, then onto a bit of spinning.  On the face of it this all sounds super easy, walk around a pole for 5 counts and then jump, lock the back of your heel and the front of the shin on the other leg to the pole and then effortlessly and “seductively” spin round.  HOWEVER, as Emma and I quickly learnt this is quite a skill and also leads to some serious bruising.

Serious concentration in my face right there! Nothing effortless or “seductive” about that!
Getting momentum … now just to try and make it look easy!

After a good few attempts and watching, with awe, the ladies on the other side of the room going upside down, doing splits etc etc we put our game face and something finally clicked!

Slightly more elegant ….

Now I don’t mean we suddenly became pole pros but the movements appeared to look a lot more natural.  By the end of this 60 minute class our arms were “slightly” sore and we definitely felt like our abs had been “engaged”, in fact I think it was safe to say we both felt like we had been worked and very much enjoyed the stretchy cool down, once again highlighting I really need to work on my flexibility!

All in all I really enjoyed this class.  This is a totally different kind of workout that definitely works all areas of the body, particularly the core, which most of us are probably guilty of neglecting!  The teacher was extremely impressive busting out all sorts of moves on the pole with ease which definitely inspired the rest of us and the atmosphere in the class was nothing but fun and supportive.  There are endless moves to achieve on a pole and I have yet to even master the basics so this is definitely one class I would like to add my my “cross training” list!

Gymbox offer this class FOR FREE to all their members in their Holborn, Bank, Westfield, Old Street and Farringdon gyms.  Thanks again Gymbox for offering me the opportunity to join in!




2 thoughts on “Runners Not Running: Pole

    Emma StripesandSnapshots said:
    02/19/2015 at 9:43 pm

    My housemate does pole fitness every week. She always comes back full of bruises but loves it, and says her core and upper body strength have improved no end!

      charliezbrown responded:
      02/20/2015 at 8:34 am

      I can believe all of that! I didn’t put the photos of the bruises up as I didn’t want to put people off as I really do rate it as a class! Particularly for upper body stuff which a lot of us shy away from!

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