Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


The Weeknd – Earned It

Zak Abel – Wise Enough  

Pharoache Monch dropped a new album this month … FOR FREE  “Lost in Translation” – a favourite of mine “So Fine”


Wheyhey Protein Ice Cream

So imagine 4 hours after running 13.1 miles, swimming through freezing cold, smelly water, climbing over high walls, carrying stupidly heavy objects, getting all sorts of muddy and jumping through fire (otherwise known as The Spartan Beast) you are handed a little pot of “Protein Ice Cream”.  This ice cream actually has health benefits AND tastes good?!?!  Now as there could of been many other factors that made this ice cream taste amazing that day I decided it was only fair to try them again after just a normal day of getting through emails, commuting etc etc.

Wheyhey have four different flavours on offer – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and banoffee.  Each pot offers 20gs of whey protein, contains NO added sugar and they are extremely low in calories (if you are that way inclined) for what feels like a treat!  In terms of taste, without a doubt Banoffee was my absolute favourite, in fact I was sad that I had agreed to share it!  Strawberry was probably my least favourite but both the vanilla and chocolate pots were yummy!  It’s worth mentioning that the vanilla flavour goes very well with banana pancakes ;D!

All in all I love these pots.  There are lots of “protein” treats around and some of them … well the flavours are somewhat interesting.  I would happily devour these little pots, the banoffee pot any time, any place, so if you get the opportunity to try them grab them!  Or even better head over to the website and buy some NOW 🙂


Thanks again Wheyhey for giving me another opportunity to enjoy these yummy treats!


Stuff, things, bits and pieces!


If you didn’t already know about Fashercise it’s time you had a click!  This dangerous website offers a beautiful selection of luxury sportswear from independent, young designers from all parts of the globe as well as thoughts on all things health, beauty and fitness.  I had the pleasure of meeting both Alex and Cam a while ago and it has been so exciting seeing their business grow from strength to strength (as well as their running!!)  So go on have a look … payday is next week ;D

A few of my current favourites ….

fdsdfsds  fdfds

Charli Cohen Dressed to Kale Tee  , Fab by Fabienne Black and Gold Star Boxing Gloves , Olympia Activewear Jet and Bone Moto Leggings







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