Race Recap: Hyde Park 10km

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Hyde Park 10km 

Date/Time: Sunday 25th January

Location: Hyde Park

Distance: 10km

I had heard really good things about the Run Through events and at £18 I thought that this little race would be a lovely one to add to the schedule.

7 weeks until Barcelona Marathon this race would be part of a longer training run and thanks to new surroundings it turned out I could run 3 miles along the canal, meet the lovely Lissy, continue for another 2 miles to meet with a bunch of TNR ladies and then carry on for another 3 miles to the start line.

a quick hello to the Queen


Coming across the park to the start line this race had pulled in a lovely number of runners, offered an extremely stress free “race number” collection station, simple bag drops and well just a lovely running atmosphere.  Plus there were lots of familiar faces hanging about too … 😀

IMG_5214 IMG_5215

The start soon came and we headed from the bottom of Hyde Park Corner towards Marble Arch, shortly to turn left into the depths of the park.

I was proudly wearing my Run Dem Tshirt and at this point I have to say I could not be prouder to be apart of this family. Quite a few crew members had offer their time to help marshal this race and well they were an absolute treat!  Every big turn or possible moment where a runner could head in the wrong direction the marshals were there singing, dancing, clapping, shouting words of encouragement and even banging a baking tray! I am in a very lucky position to be able to call these guys my friends so it was a HUGE boost to see them and have them push me and all the other runners on!  Another reason why I loved this race – the marshals, Run Dem or not, were truly brilliant!

The race took us through the park past the edge of the Serpentine  towards the Royal Albert Hall and then back towards the bandstand. It was a two lap race so I was lucky enough to see all those lovely marshals twice. The second lap was definitely tougher but the surrounding were so lovely it was easy enough to get distracted!


Crossing the finish line I was shattered. I hadn’t planned to push on this race as my week had been quite full on workout wise and the 8 miles before meant that my legs weren’t quite “race” fresh. However, I knew I had kept at a good pace and was really pleased with that!

This race didn’t offer a medal, instead we were given a Tshirt which actually I was seriously grateful for as it was freezing! We were also handed water, fruit and flapjack – awesome flapjack which I may or may not have had three pieces of. WHOOPS.

All in all I really enjoyed the small nature of this race. It was stress free start to finish, no big queues, no congested route and just just fantastic volunteers! Run Through are offering a series of races and I definitely will be joining one again! Particularly at the BARGIN price of £18!


Oh and we celebrated with pancakes … huge pancakes






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