Race Report: Mo’Run 2015

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Mo’Run 2015

Date/Time: Saturday 29th November

Location: Greenwich Park

Distance: 10km … and all the hills!

Last year I did this event and I loved it as a race, this year I did it again and I stick by my initial thoughts – this is a great event!

MoRunning happens all around the country proudly supporting Movember and their fundraising for Men’s Health and in particular Prostate Cancer UK.  Plenty of people attack this race as a serious course but there are also plenty of people in fantastic (?!) fancy dress outfits, donning impressive “mo”s running just to enjoy the day.

Turning up at this race I was excited, with an incredible 167 people from Run Dem Crew running I imagined spotting “Run Dem” tshirts all along the route and the noise through CheerDem was going to be insanely loud!  (I wasn’t wrong!)

Photo credit to FOOD & LYCRA

One of the many things I love about this race is the simple start.  It certainly helped having our race numbers all in one area – big up to Glenn for sorting that.  But there was no huge queue at bag drop, before or after!  There were toilets all over the place, no queuing there either and we didn’t have to queue up hours before the start!

I sort of wanted to see if I could get a solid PB of sub 50 on this 10km knowing full well that with hills this would be very presumptuous but why the heck not try.  Plus I was lucky enough to have Steph pacing me so off we went.  Now the course follows the many pathways around the beautiful area that is Greenwich Park but unfortunately these are not made for 100s of runners so the first 1km or so was all about weaving in and out with a little bit of trail running in between ;D.  Once out of the bulk of people started the hills.  Downhill first, which was lovely as it was the start of passing so many Run Dem tshirts and a whole load of hi-fives.  I adore being apart of this family as it is just super supportive.  Regardless of how well you know each member the support and encouragement is there and that is priceless!


As well as spotting a lot of familiar faces it is worth mentioning the absolutely incredible marshals along the route.  It was like these guys were sent to a special training school about how to be incredibly helpful whilst being super supportive!  Every single marshal I passed was either dancing, singing, shouting words of encouragement or well just being flippin’ brilliant and it made my day!  So thank you guys!

It should be said that yes most the race was spent with the goofy smile on my face, once I had removed the tash (which at the time felt like I inhaled everytime I breathed in) but those hills were no joke.  In a 10km you really want to push.  It’s a “shorter” distance when you compare it to a half marathon / marathon but trying to push and trying to overcome long, steep hills is no smiling matter.  As Steph kept reminding me “it’s all about the arms” and well if nothing else it has reminded me how important hill training is!  OUCH!

Sort of smiling, sort of grimacing- captured by Claire McGonegle

Passing Crew Dem at the top of the hill, heading down the atmosphere was electric and definitely helped add speed to the legs, however what goes down must come up.  Cheer Dem had positioned themselves at the top of what I felt was the steepest hill along on the route.  Getting to the bottom after flying down and having to turn back around was definitely a shock to the system as you now had to battle back up the hill and then of course put your game face on passing back through Cheer Dem.  The hill was hard, it was steep, it was at the end of the lap (or at the finish if you were on your second lap) and well did I mention it was steep?  Knowing that at the top was the CheerDem family it gave you that extra boost and you just gritted your teeth and got on with it!   So thank you to all the Run Dem Cheer family for giving all us runners that extra boost when we needed it most!

Crossing the finish line I discovered I was just off grabbing that PB but to be honest I was ecstatic to have gotten so close, particularly when my PB was achieved on a super flat course!  As we finished we were handed a pot of Wheyhey Banoffee Protein Ice Cream, which I pretty much inhaled, a bag of popchips and a bottle of water.  Then of course the medal ….

IMG_3329 IMG_3341

This race really does have a fantastic medal!

All in all I would definitely recommend this race!  It is just a truly lovely atmosphere, with fantastic volunteers and in an extremely beautiful setting.  Bring on next year!

PS Greenwich Market does supply some incredible post race cakes ;D!

Cutty Sark, sunshine, medal, PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CAKE

2 thoughts on “Race Report: Mo’Run 2015

    anotherwisemonkey said:
    12/04/2014 at 1:35 pm

    Such a lovely race!

      charliezbrown responded:
      12/04/2014 at 1:40 pm

      I know, the atmosphere was just brilliant! I could not recommend it enough. Though hill training is the one!

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