Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


If you haven’t already heard/seen it yet BRAND NEW BEYONCE – 7/11 (I guess we will all be buying, if we haven’t already, big pants?)

 Idris Elba feat Maverick Sabre – You Give Me Love  Nice, easy listening for a cosy Winter night!

Mary J. Blige / Disclosure – Follow  – I think “The London Sessions” will be on my Christmas List!



So recently I was given the opportunity to try Juiven8, the “UK’s first ready-to-drink protein Fruit Juice”.  It comes as a 250ml protein infused fruit juice, made with real fruit, coconut water and a 12g of whey protein, in hope so enhancing the impact of your workout whilst supporting post workout recovery.  Happy days right?


In a lovely little cool bag I received both flavours – blackcurrant, acai with coconut water and mango, pineapple with coconut water.  Personally I loved the blackcurrant flavour, I found the mango maybe just a little too sweet for my taste but the blackcurrant was just right.  I definitely found that it was a great quick fix after a tough work out and it helped keep my hunger at bay if food wasn’t readily available!  It’s also worth mentioning that these drinks didn’t upset my stomach!  Something which I am really aware of when it comes to anything including whey protein!  So big thumbs up there for anyone with a sensitive stomach!


If you are tempted to get your hands on some pretty taste fruit juice or would like to find out more then head over to the website 


Stuff, things, bits and pieces!

To carry on with the Christmas theme from last week now is the time for ridiculous jumpers and well out of the hundreds I thought this was a little different … and perfect for serious Christmas food feasting …


Buy it from ASOS now!


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