Highlights of my workout week

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So last week I did lots of things for the first time but instead of listing them all in one post I thought focus on one today … LIFTING

Olympic Lifting for Beginners 

So on Saturday afternoon I took part in an “Olympic Lifting for Beginners Workshop” run by the Strength Ambassadors.  This workshop was for total beginnings who were looking to learn the correct technique in the snatch, clean and jerk movement.  At the moment I am loving learning to lift in the gym and I thought this would be a great opportunity to expand on my knowledge … little did I know this was going to make me have a little hissy fit!

Sally Moss, the founder of Strength Ambassadors, took us through a quick warm up and then it was straight to the lifting, practicing the separate elements of each movement and then attempting to bring all them altogether at the end of the session.

This was a quick fire round and I did find it all a little nerve racking attempting to jump with the weight above my head.  But after a little hissy fit due to not being able to initially lift the weight I got it, not perfectly but I got it and then really started to enjoy what I was achieving!


The course itself is obviously spread over a longer period of time and aims to  really break down each element of these complex movements enabling you to safely practice them on your own and of course up the weight!  So if you are interested definitely head over to the website and get booked on for November!

Weight Lifting for Women Workshop

On Sunday Lissy and I headed over to Shoreditch for a two hour free lifting workshop put together just for women by the Strength Ambassadors.

This was to give a taster of their “Ladies Who Lift” workshop, a set of sessions aimed to help women feel comfortable and confident in the weights room, lifting with correct and safe technique.

Sally took us through a series of lifts such as the Deadlift (which I was awful at and Lissy was awesome at!), how to build your way up to a pull up (I am all about the pull at the moment!) and of course how to perform a squat correctly.

This was a great session and I certainly learnt an awful lot!  Unfortunately their next course is running throughout November which I just cant make work but I will definitely be keeping an eye out on their website for more sessions!

Casual on the squat rack ;D


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