Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


George the Poet – “Georgie Porgie”  No official link but you can hear his live session for Huw Stevens here and it’s about 15 minutes in!

Mary J. Blige – “Right Now” (again no official link to the song) but this is Mary J. Blige produced by Disclosure you know its gonna be good!

 Prince – “U Know” 


Bounce Balls

Within a lovely goodie bag from the wonderful Fashercise Launch I was lucky enough to find one of these little protein packed balls of yumminess.  A few weeks it got me through an interesting run at 4am so I thought it was only right I mention them here!!  Bearing in mind I had had 50mins sleep max, irregular food the day before oh, and already run 18miles, munching on this before my next 6miles worked perfectly!  These little balls are high in protein, high in fibre, gluten free and come in eight different flavours!  They are perfectly travel size, caused me no stomach issues whatsoever (I sometimes find these things are very heavy on the tummy) and well really tasty!  They are also quite dense and so it took me some time to munch through, perfect because it felt like it was lots of food = WINNING



Stuff, things, bits and pieces!

Everyone loves a Rolex right? So who wouldn’t love a Rolex with my pal SNOOPY on the face! I love every thing Rodnik put out right now!! Wish list for days!!!!



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