Rain, raving and racing!

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… “Run, eat, rave, repeat” …


So staying over at Lissy’s meant I had the pleasure of doing my circuits over looking the beautiful canals around Wapping so it all started well – 3 rounds of full body circuits.   This, if you read my previous work outs, is usually followed by a run however, if you can remember the weather on Bank Holiday it was awful and I mean AWFUL!   But because Lissy and I are crazy and had originally planned to be in Shoreditch for around 3pm we decided to brave it, Lissy on the bike (so she could enjoy shouting abuse at me to run harder) and me, well I was the idiot in shorts and my Games Maker jacket.  This run was hilarious, we got absolutely soaked, couldn’t hear each other to talk to as I had my hood up and Lissy had her helmet on, and by the time we got to Shoreditch we were so unbelievably drench thanks to a car purposefully driving quickly through a puddle we just went home.  Still we got a run in ;D


A killer 6.5mile run with the crew!  I actually think this was one of the most epic runs yet!  Led by the machine that is Chris we straight away hit an awesome pace tearing our way through the streets of London headed for Trafalgar Square.  Once at Trafalgar Square we of course stopped for a few photos and met up with the rest of the crew.  From there we headed down to the river and then RAN … and ran and ran all the way until the path stopped and it was time to head back North towards 1948.  It was a long, hard slog but the sense of  achievement at the end of it was IMMENSE.  I know I say this every week but I LOVE Tuesdays!



Morning Gloryville RAVE!!!

Bouncing about for 2 and half hours definitely counts as a work out!!!  Kicking off a 06:30 in the morning Lissy, Steph and I made our way across to East London to be welcomed into a space full of leotards, glitter and killer leggings!!! With live DJs at the decks playing some killer tunes we bounced, giggled and sung along from 06:30am – 08:45am having the time of our lives … and then quietly made our way to work.


IMG_1103  IMG_1105    IMG_1088  IMG_1093


Bring on those 10 x 1 repeats and of course the double helping of granola!!!!  This week a bizarre thing happened … I started my sprints and don”t get me wrong they were hard, but not as hard as last week.  In fact I managed to go further in each minute!  Keeping in mind consistency rather than killing my legs (and myself) and well it worked!  I hit my targets every single lap, even managed to go a few strides further on my last couple of sets … I think this is what you call “winning” at sprint sets.  As you can imagine my celebratory portion of granola was pretty EPIC!


Oh hello rest day … all the protein and GBBO …


Saturday & Sunday 

A casual 30 mile run, in a team, during the afternoon, just after midnight, in the dark hours and in a glorious, sunny morning!  I got scrambled …to be continued… #spitfirescramble

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