Getting into a routine …

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So I think I am finally getting into a nice little routine … almost … nearly


Bit of ab work but otherwise “cool down” after the seriously sweaty race that was “The British 10km”


Morning – Upper body stuff, kicking off with interval rowing!  This was then followed by pull ups, skull crushers, curls and presses.  As mentioned last week I went with my list of moves and also started to note down the weight I use so I can monitor my progress!

Evening – RUN DEM aka speed session!  This week I decided to go to the next level after figuring that I really need to start pushing myself and so I opted for #CheetahElites but somehow got asked to lead!   It was an AWESOME 5 mile run and absolutely amazing to have the opportunity to lead such strong crew of people!  Down to City Hall, across to Blackfriars and along past St Paul’s this SPEEDY run left me buzzing for days!!!



A great 7 mile run to an awesome soundtrack.  During all my races now I chose to go without music and just enjoy the sights and sounds around me but when I am running on my own I love being able to catch up with musics/mixes!  It’s awesome running to some serious tunes and I would definitely recommend listening back to MistaJam’s show at 7pm on 1xtra, it’s a great mixed bag of beats!!


BOOM Cycle and London Duathlon BRICK Training Event

On Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to an intensive one hour BRICK training alongside London Duathlon 2014 ambassadors, ITUDuathlon Champion, Ryan Ostler and Junior Team GB silver medallist, Charlotte Harris, in a 30 minute spin class mimicking the hills of Richmond Park followed by a 5k run.  It definitely provided that “jelly leg” feeling but I actually really enjoying pairing the two disciplines!  So much so that I would definitely have signed up for the London Duathlon on 14th September but sadly I am already taking part in another event!  However, if you fancy getting involved you can find out lots more on their website –


20140723-192510-69910974.jpg 20140723-192510-69910419.jpg


LEG DAY – I know I keep saying it but I am loving my strengthening sessions at the moment, I just love the idea of making my body stronger! During this session I tried something a little different. After a gentle warm up I did 3 minute bursts on the sweat inducing stepper machine following by squats, lunges and kick backs. I did this little sequence 4 times … and then collapsed! It was AWESOME!


Gardening … lots of gardening!  I volunteered through work to help a fix up a school as part of a surprise for the pupils.  It was a great thing to be a part of and I definitely think it counted as a full body workout!  Even just carrying the wheelbarrow was tough haha!



An absolutely glorious 10 mile run in the sun and when I say glorious I 110% mean glorious!  I went with my music, after sourcing a great mix by Kaytranada, and just ran, not for time, not for distance but just to run and it felt amazing!!!! Now I know I am shortly going to start working on my speed which means shorter, more intense runs but this confirmed I just love a long run!  I love the feeling of racking up the miles and the glorious satisfaction of that. I could have carried on for hours but I had a brunch to get to…of course ;D



So there we are!  Do you prefer a long, chilled run or are you the type that likes short bursts of intensive running?



2 thoughts on “Getting into a routine …

    A Magpie in the Sky said:
    07/24/2014 at 9:32 am

    You can do pull ups?? What on earth are skull crunchers?

      charliezbrown responded:
      07/24/2014 at 9:38 am

      Haha I’m getting there … Currently there are still assisted but working on it!!! Skull crushes are all about using your triceps and getting them close to your faces … Will show you next time we are together 🙂 x

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