Variety is the spice of life …

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Yep you got it another mixed bag last week … but I think I am building up a rough routine …


Rest day after ROGA!


Morning – Really looked forward to my upper body work out, starting to feel a lot more relaxed using the weights. Tip here: go prepared! I always write down the four moves I am going to do and how many reps and sets I plan to do giving me the look of confidence whilst surrounded by big, grunting, muscly men!

Evening – RUN DEM aka speed session! 5.5 miles averaging between 7.5 / 8 minute miles! Now granted there were a few traffic light stops but I am still seriously buzzing about those times!

Rolling with Cheetahs!
Charlie’s idea to take over the road in the middle of Oxford Street … fast enough to take a photo before the lights changed ;D!


A glorious 7 mile run. After some forward planning, making sure I ate a good meal straight after Run Dem, I woke up feeling fresh and ready to go! However the last mile may have been a little tough….!



BOOM! Love a good Boom class with Lissy!  I LOVE that I can get a good work out whilst catching up with friends…very lucky to be able to do both!  Nice and sweaty 45 minute spin class busting my ass to the likes of Usher, Prince and Britney!


NTC Abs work out … ouch!


Does shopping along oxford street count? Followed by a huge wardrobe clear out?


The weight sessions are really becoming something I look forward to, though it is definitely getting to the point where more moves, advice would be seriously appreciated!  If you want any info on the stuff I am doing at the moment just pop me an email or leave a comment!  I am happy to share :D!



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