Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …


XO Man – Pull It To The Side

Roses Gabor – Rush

Metrik – Want My Love



Back in April (you can see here) I  mentioned tasting Chia pods, describing them as “little pots of yumminess”.  Well this week I was very excited to get an invite to the Chia Pod Garden Party to celebrate the “Chia Pod Breakfast Bar”! Basically the wonderful people at The Chia Co are going to be popping up around London offering us Londeners yummy pods and oats+chia pots!

If you aren’t sure what I am talking about Chia pods are jammed packed with chia seeds, coconut milk and real fruit, so no added sugar, no diary and no gluten!  The Oats+Chia are all about wholegrain oats, chia, more real fruit and coconut oil!  Basically just lots of good stuff :D!

The Pop-Up Breakfast Bar will be at Tower Bridge on the south bank of the river until Sunday 6th then moving onto Regent’s Place Plaza from 7-11 July, followed by Old Spitalfields Market from 19-20 July.

I know the texture isn’t for everyone but personally I love the stuff so I am very happy to try EVERY flavour all over again :D!



Stuff, things, bits and pieces!

Adidas Print!!  Nothing says summer like this hot pink!!!!  Yet more stuff to add to my “workout” gear collection then ….




2 thoughts on “Friday’s Fact File

    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) said:
    07/04/2014 at 8:22 pm

    I love chia pods. Can’t wait to try their oat pots! I had to miss their garden party as I had to work, which was a shame as it looked cool.

      charliezbrown responded:
      07/06/2014 at 8:34 pm

      Oh no Lauren! Your work seems to be pretty hectic at the moment! Hopefully see you at another run soon???

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