Last Week’s Workouts

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So I have to apologise that I have been a little quiet on the blog recently! I have my excuses ;D but I promise to be far more consistent from now on!

So to last week’s workouts!

Monday – still recovering from the hard race that was WOTN Amsterdam just did my lovely little 4mile run commute through regents park, this one was definitely slow and steady!

Tuesday – I decided to add on some mileage to the run commute and managed a relatively speedy 7miles but man it was sweaty!

Wednesday – I had the absolute pleasure of yoga on top of One New Change (or Madison bar for those who know it!) Blue Cow Yoga kindly put on two free yoga classes and managed to chose two Wednesday mornings that were absolutely gorgeous! It really is the most amazing way to start the day, an hour of yoga (which I am finally getting!) blue skies and luckily a serious amount of my gorgeous running buddies were there too!

Yoga with a view!
Looking up to the “ceiling”

Thursday – Not as calming but just as fun it was time for Bangs spin class at BOOM! I LOVE this class! Bangs has the perfect mix of hard work whilst keeping it seriously fun & her playlist never fails to make me extremely happy, I mean she sneaked a Prince track in there!  BUT MAN come prepared to work!!!

Friday – After a very last minute, very late, flight booking all I could managed a short abs session using the NTC app!!!

Saturday – Does driving REALLY FAST on the nurbergring count?


Sunday – My buddy kindly offered to take me to the gym whilst in Germany … I say kindly, I am still struggling to lift a pen! We did back & tris as I mentioned I wanted to run the next day, he got me doing pull ups, renegade rows, skull crushers & crazy 8s to name just a few moves! I will write a full post with descriptions as I will definitely be adding these moves into my training … once I can move my arms again!


Out of all my workouts this week I think I loved the gym the most (?!?) I love training with someone and weights is something I really want to get into but getting form right is so so important so if you can try it out with a friend! How about you? Do you prefer training with a buddy or getting into the zone by yourself?


2 thoughts on “Last Week’s Workouts

    peachylau said:
    06/17/2014 at 12:15 pm

    Busy week!

      charliezbrown responded:
      06/17/2014 at 12:51 pm

      I know, anyone would think I am trying to occupy myself! 😉

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