Running All Over The Place

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This week has been all about running, running here, there and everywhere!

MondayCharlie had somehow managed to get three of us (Leah, Harry & I) to agree to do a bootcamp session. Now obviously on the face of it of course I was going to do a bootcamp session I LOVE being pushed and doing fitness classes with a twist. HOWEVER, this bootcamp class was going to take place in the POURING RAIN!  I think this picture says it all…

To get to the class I ran 1.5miles (in the most amazing rain storm!) and it was definitely worth getting soaked for!  We kicked, boxed and smashed hammers … head over to Charlie’s blog for the full class write up!

TuesdayRUN DEM CREW!  Very excitingly I got to lead Greyhounds this week and we did a great 4.5mile lap around London Bridge and Tower Bridge.  The London sky was looking particularly epic that evening!


Wednesday – I always try my best to make it to Lululemon’s showroom in Islington as they have an awesome little runclub led by the wonderful Laura.  Varying between 5 – 10km routes this is such a friendly little club and this week they were having a Runner’s Design Meeting afterwards to get our thoughts on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to workout gear.  Sadly because of my new job I wasn’t going to make it on time for the run so instead I took myself on a 5 mile run in the glorious sunshine, finishing at the Showroom so I could still join the after party 😉


Thursday – Thought I better take one day off running so did some cycling and then TRX … ouch!


Friday – I wasn’t going to run today, but of course I always have some kit with me just in case, and well a last minute change of plan meant that a run home was going to work out perfectly.  So, a 1.5mile run to see a friend and have a quick chat up before she got on her train and then 3mile run home, whilst catching up with the family on the phone?!?!  Multi-tasking to a new level!

Saturday – Mainly about free alcohol and wedding dress shopping … oh and Whole Foods Jelly Babies :D!

Sunday – ROGA!

This Sunday Lululemon Islington were throwing a ROGA event… Run + Yoga = ROGA!  Led by the epic multi marathoner Becs (after a nice warm up 2mile run to the studio) we did a gorgeous 7 mile route along the canal to Regents Park, said hello to a variety of zoo animals such as a HUGE camel, zebras, birds and of course the giraffes and then headed back to the studio to stretch out with an hours yoga session in the sunshine.  It is also worth mentioning that Sunday was also the day of the Arsenal parade … ladies, in a park, wearing minimal sports gear, doing all sorts of stretching apparently attracks quite a lot of attention … it was certainly a different atmosphere to most yoga classes I have been too!  But the weather was glorious and well it was quite funny so I am not complaining :D!  Plus I achieved my first EVER handstand (this is a huge deal for me, HUGE) so winning all round!

IMG_8591 IMG_8596




SO, PHEW!  That was my week running round town!!  Do you ever find that you squeeze in the odd run around plans?  Are you like me and always have kit “just in case”?




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