Kipferl – The Austrians Have Cake & Brunch Down!

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Address20 Camden Passage London N1 8ED


Good for:  Dark Rye Bread, Milka chocolate and Austrian dessert!

Hidden in the back streets of Angel down Camden Passage you will find Kipferl, a stlylish coffeehouse and kitchen serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner … plus some pretty insane looking cakes!

So let’s first discuss brunch.  I, of course, went for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and was very happy to see a plate full of goodness when it was placed down in front of me.  The little pot of white stuff is herbed quark and was a nice little bit of something different with the salmon!  Now, it may look like the bread is a little on the small side but trust me this is some pretty amazing dark rye bread, and in being so amazing it is extremely filling so do not be fooled!


My partner in crime went for bacon and eggs on rye bread and it was a lovely surprise when it came out in a hearty black pan!  I am told that this added a really nice flavour to the bacon and the breakfast received a thumbs up all round!


It’s also worth mentioning that all the hot drinks come with a little square of Milka … WINNING!

Now let’s get onto the cake!!!  Now imagine … strudel … but I mean really good studel.  Sachertorte – a ridiculously rich chocolate cake with layers of apricot jam and Guglhupf – I swear this is Kipferl’s attempt at the world’s most amazing looking upside down bumdt cake!

Harry and I (as always) were on the hunt for a late night cake place after dinner one night in Angel and we were delighted when we saw the Kipferl was open til 10pm!  Sadly we had had a good dinner so the amazing looking strudel looked too much … so we opted for a slice of Topfentorte – Austria’s alternative to cheesecake, baked with Quark and the Sachertorte …


I don’t think I need to go into too much detail here … I mean look at those slices!!  The cheesecake was decadent without being too stodgy in the mouth and the sachertorte, with a layer of jam and marzipan at the top, was incredible … I LOVE marzipan!

Overall Kipferl is a great place for coffee (and Milka!!), breakfast, the lunch looks good, the dinner vibe was nice and the cake was AMAZING!  Opposite the Breakfast Club, and it’s ridiculous queues, the few times I have visited this Austrian coffee house it has always been busy, a good sign, but the wait time does not take up your entire morning!  The service is lovely and they are all extremely helpful.  When it came to cakes I had a great chat with one of the guys about how to pronounce all the Austrian names!  I really could talk about cake ALL DAY!

Definitely worth the visit!



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