The TRX Machine – Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

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So last week was a complete mixed bag of workouts!

After a really lovely 10mile run along the coast up North on the Sunday Monday was a huge rest day!

Sunshine and sea views make for a beautiful run!

Its amazing to think that 3 weeks ago my legs managed 26.2 and now even 4 miles feels like a marathon!  DO NOT underestimate the recovery time needed after a marathon!!

ANYWAY the rest of the week looked like this ..

Tuesday – Cross training for 30 mins / upper body work out

Wednesday – Slow and steady 5 mile run

Thursday – BOOM spin class (told you I loved this class!)

And then we come to Friday!  So Friday (back in marathon training days) was a rest day HOWEVER, knowing that the weekend was going to be a truly decadent and super busy one with no chance of a long run I decided to take the opportunity to try out a free 30 minute PT session at my gym!  I squeezed in a 3 mile run as my warm up before the session as I had asked that we focus purely on strengthening moves – a part of my training I really want to expand on!  Once at the gym I was taken up to the TRX machine … my new BEST friend and WORST enemy.


  • Reverse lunges, one foot in the handle x15 on each leg  – for these I had a lovely experience of holding my trainers hand A LOT! Make sure you when bending your front leg you knee keeps in line with your ankle and your weight is your heel!
  • Glute bridge, both heels in the handles x15  – lift your hips high and make sure you are using that booty!  OUCH!
  • Single leg squats, holding onto the handles with both hands x15 on each leg -standing on one leg keep the lifted leg straight and foot flexed!  The higher you lift your leg it the harder it is.  Sit back as far as you can, making sure you don’t lean back and that lifted leg is kept STRAIGHT!
  • Hamstring curl, both heels in the handles, x10 – THIS ONE HURTS! Same as a glute bridge but when you lift your hips you also bend your knees to get those hips even higher … honestly this was a killer!

X 2 normal speed X 1 changing up the speed of each movement (down for 3, up for 1 etc)

This was then followed up by plank work with the TRX.

  • 30secs in plank
  • 30 secs in plank knees to elbows
  • 30 secs in plank knees to the left / knees to the right
  • 30 secs pike!

X 2

I absolutely loved this session, it definitely got my heart rate up and I felt that it worked everything … EVERYWHERE.  I will definitely be incorporating this workout once a week into my training, maybe even twice if I can! HOWEVER, word of warning … this was on Friday … my legs were still feeling heavy on Tuesday!

Have you tried the TRX machine?  What’s your favourite move?


If you have any questions about the movements mentioned in this post please feel free to comment or drop me an email and I will explain further!



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