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So, as I am not “currently” training for a marathon I thought I might start sharing certain workouts / classes that I plan to get up to whilst the running takes a back seat… sort of!  Let’s be honest you will still find me running about all over the place but whilst the mileage isn’t crazy high it means I can start taking advantage of all the amazing classes available in London!

So this week, whilst managing to clock up 26 miles of running … whoops … I also headed down to Boom Cycle for a spin class …

Studio: BOOM Cycle

Location : Holborn (they have a studio in Shoreditch too)

Class: Thursday 07:15 with Bangs

Lissy & I headed down to the Boom Cycle studio early Thursday morning to check out Bangs’ class as a bit of cross training for our still slightly tired post marathon legs!  From reading Bangs’ blog & meeting her a few times through Run Dem I had a feeling that we were about to be worked…and I wasn’t wrong!

So the studio is dark … not so dark that you end up tripping over the bikes but thankfully dark enough to hide the fact that you are about to get seriously sweaty.  A couple of scented candles were already lit which thankfully also covers any possibilities of “sweat” induced smell and of course the IPOD is already going.

I have to apologise now for the fact that really annoyingly I cannot remember any of tracks that were played throughout the session, too busy remembering how much I got worked.  But I can remember that it was like listening to my own work out playlist (awesome!), that I definitely sung along to most of the tracks (definitely got me in the mood!) and that they were perfectly suited to each type of spin set (if that’s what you call them).

During the warm up Bangs got us used to cycling to the beat – easier when the beat is slow and steady – horrendous on the legs when the tempo gets serious ;D!  Mixing up sprint sets with up hill climbs we were constantly kept on our toes (so to speak) and my heart rate definitely went all over the place.  Gratefully we were given little rest bites and we were reminded to drink water … it’s amazing how you can forget sometimes, however, Bangs would also remind us that these would just be short breaks and that there was plenty of work left to do!

I have been to a couple of spin classes now and I know I respond well to being worked but encouraged at the same time, not to a drill sargent type who just shouts “GO FASTER”.  I really enjoyed this class because I really liked Bangs style.

She clearly wanted us to get the most of the class, she wanted us to have fun, which we, and Bangs herself clearly did, and yet she had us under no illusion that it was going to be easy and it wasn’t!  I hope Lissy doesn’t mind me mentioning the fact that even though neither of us are the “sweaty” types we were both “glowing” after that 45 minute session! Luckily Boom have really nice shower facilities, including free towels, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, cotton wool buds etc etc … seriously they were really nice!

So after a quick shower, a snoop at some of the Nike gear they have for sale in the reception area I was on my way to work … smug post workout smile on my face and slightly shakey legs!

Honestly I loved this class, it was hard and fun, so hard and fun that I bought a package of classes and will be heading down next Thursday!  If you fancy it too BOOM are offering 50% off when you buy a certain package but hurry the offer is only on til the end of April!


Looking like professional spinners on our bikes … sort of!

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