Home Sweet Home – The place where cake dreams come true

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AddressEdge Street, NQ, Manchester

Website: http://cheeseburgertoastie.co.uk/ but for pictures … https://twitter.com/HomeSweetHomeNQ

Good for: Just look at the pictures on their twitter profile!  CAKE!!!

So you may have gathered by now I am a huge cake lover!  Yes, I love most sweet things but cake is where my true love lies!  Whilst on instagram one morning I came across this image …

homesweet home

.. I knew that one day I would have to visit this magical place!!  Obviously fate was on my side as this place happened to be in Manchester … and what better way to “hopefully” be celebrating a marathon than visiting a place where the cake counter looks like this …


When we arrived at Home Sweet Home everything looked GOOD.  You are greeted by some seriously well dressed smily staff, directed to the bar where some amazing looking milkshakes where being made … including one named “CHARLIE BROWN!” and then the cakes … THE CAKES!


We were looked after by a lovely young lady who, after explaining that I had been dreaming about these cakes whilst running 26.2 miles, took us straight to the cake counter so we could reserve our slices!  These cakes are made daily and almost every single day they SELL OUT!!!

Now of course this place also does savory food, the menu can be found here.  We kicked off with plate of loaded nachos and when they arrived we were not disappointed.  The plate was full of nachos, stacked high with guac and salsa and an extremely generous amount of melted cheese – perfect for a tired and hungry runner and warn out supporters!

Next to the mains.  Typically my brother ordered the burger which looked proper meaty and apparently it tasted pretty darn good too!  High praise indeed from my bro, who if I am a cake connoisseur he is definitely the burger equivalent!  Harriet enjoyed the falafel halloumi wrap.  It took her a little while to find the halloumi but once she got there she was more than happy with her choice!  I opted for the squash and goats cheese salad (I got a little carried away with the nachos – we ordered them before we even got to the table so when I had to decide on my main all I could think of was cake and so a lighter meal was needed)  This was yummy!  The warm butternut squash tasted gorgeous with the honey drizzled over it and the amount of goats cheese given would make any cheese lover happy and all of this topped with crunchy yummy almonds.  It was thumbs up all round!

But now to the cake!  Now I had seen online a rainbow cake topped with marshmallows … oh hello!  And well when I entered the door I already knew this was me!


The cake was awesome!!  It had a bubblegum flavoured sponge with a ridiculous amount of buttercream in the middle and around the outside.  I WAS IN SUGAR HEAVEN!!!

Harriet chose a very decadent looking piece of rocky road…


…which of course I nibbled on.  This piece of chocolately heaven included sneaky bits of marshmallow, biscuit, smarties, dolly mixtures, haribo cherries, strawbs and sprinkles … just to name a few of the ingredients!!!!

Ceri went for the “Choco Mint Cake of Life” (apologies for the shakey camera work but it was just so exciting)


This cake was literally like eating a spongey after eight!  I just love how to town they go on the buttercream on this place, honestly it is truly incredible!

All in all our experience of Home Sweet Home was brilliant.  The staff were really patient with us as we were quite a big group (in a busy restaurant where you can’t book) and even though we all arrived at different times they got us seated and settled in quickly.  The food came fast, but not so fast that we were suspicious and everyone was happy with their choices.  But for me the true highlight was the cake.  They are just BRILLIANT.  Not only do they taste incredible but there is a lot of creative thinking and talent that obviously goes into making these amazing pieces of what I like to call #cakeporn!

If you ever find yourself in Manchester please please please go to Home Sweet Home you will not be disappointed!!

Or if you ever find yourself just wanting to look at amazing cakes follow their twitter account (detailed above) or Charlotte O’Toole who is their head pastry chef!  Cake porn at it’s best!


10013213_10153053186426002_2152315721173386874_n 10167962_10153053186416002_2456205329114825241_n

Look at all those happy faces, now only if they would deliver a piece to my office … now that would be AMAZING!!!

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