The Big Weekend – The Build Up!

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The weekend just gone was probably one of the most amazing (and biggest emotional rollercoasters) I have EVER experienced!  A full race report will be coming imminently but in the meantime I wanted to share with you my experience of the build up to the BIG DAY.

It kicked off perfectly ….


As I walked out the door my office handed me the most brilliant card signed by every single one of my fantastic team with plenty of good luck wishes and of course top grade banter!  I was also lucky enough to have Lissy come across to Kings Cross to wave Harriet and I off.


This was actually was the start of the weekend’s emotional rollercoaster.  I have done all my long runs with Lissy and so I was a little sad saying goodbye knowing I would not be able to see her and the other amazing TNR ladies achieve what we had all worked so hard for!  However, Harriet and I continued onto our train and when we arrived in York, my genius parents surprised us with what I think is the most amazing flapjack you could ever have (and I have tried a lot of them). This piece of heavenly goodness comes from The Little Organic Bakery located in Bridlington, honestly it is the most amazing piece of work and the cafe is definitely worth a visit for lots of other yummy treats!

After a gorgeous dinner (and dessert) with a load of friends and family we attempted an early night in preparation for my final training run.  On my trusty schedule, Hal Higdon Novice 2, it suggested a 2mile slow run just to get the legs warmed up ready for the “Big Day” and amazingly my parents and Harriet were all more than happy (well Mum took a little persuading/guilt tripping) to join in and run the Sewerby Parkrun.  I know I am a little biased but the route for Sewerby must be one of the beautiful ones around, following the coast for the first half and then around Sewerby Hall gardens for the rest…. you even run past miniature ponies and who doesn’t love miniature ponies!!!

IMG_7558  IMG_7555  IMG_7551

At this point I should really shout out my amazing Mum who had never run before and yet on that Saturday she put on her game face, supported me with my final run and managed to complete the entire 3 miles with a sprint finish!!!!


It was amazing to be able to do something that I love so much with some of the people I care about most!  I had spent most the week having small ups and downs, getting excited one minute and scared to death the next.  However, after the Parkrun, with my Dad smashing a new PB, Harriet coming top in her age group and seeing my Mum experience crossing a finish line for the first time I was buzzing creating the perfect moment to start prepping my kit!

IMG_7563 IMG_7566

The wonderful lady that is Lorna Mann (who will shortly be smashing the London Marathon) had sorted the both of us out with some pretty incredible tshirt prints after our lengthy discussion (whilst running of course) about how much we LOVED Beyonce.  So, some of her famous lyrics went on ALL my tops, including my rain jacket so regardless of what weather Manchester decided to throw at me Lorna and Beyonce would be with me all the way ;D!

Now to something seriously special … if you follow my blog you will know that I was lucky photo (3)enough to have my nails painted for the Marathon by the super talented Dahlia Nails.   I had asked for a Unicorn due to a running joke with my friends and family and this soon became the idea behind my race mantra …

Before posting that particular blog my amazing friend Miss Harriet Capps had been out and sorted out a card and a little something to wish me good luck …

Of course it was unicorn related!!  Could it get more perfect than this … oh wait yes it can …


My incredible friend had sourced the most AMAZING hair clips which matched my entire race outfit!  Now that my friends is what you call a keeper!!!!!!!!

Once the kit was sorted we started our journey across the country to Manchester. IMG_7580 It was all quite fun and exciting hanging out in the car and my emotions were definitely on a high until we came across this ….

As we arrived at our destination the biggest sign ever stared back at me.  I was actually going to attempt to run a marathon the next day … an actual marathon … the thing that you watch on TV and think “how can people run that far?”  “How on earth do they just keep going?”

Safe to say that the rest of that evening, as much as it was amazing to see even more friends and family, I was a nervous wreck.  A. NERVOUS. WRECK.  I couldn’t relax, I was hot, I was cold and well I just felt awful that all these people had come out to show their support and I could barely say two words!

The night finished with a serious pep talk from Harriet, a pretty impressive attempt at eating an entire box of milk tray (probably not the best form of carb loading), foam rolling and of course the obligatory kit photo …

I’m going to be honest … sleep didn’t really happen that night …  but hey



2 thoughts on “The Big Weekend – The Build Up!

    leahevansnz said:
    04/10/2014 at 1:11 pm

    OMG I love your parents even more for doing a parkrun with you – Go your MUM!! This is brilliant 🙂

      charliezbrown responded:
      04/11/2014 at 2:20 pm

      I know she is such a star! Definitely see where I get my determination from now!!

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