The End Is Nigh…

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This weekend I did my final “long” run before the impending BIG DAY (if you didn’t already know I am attempting to run and finish the Manchester Marathon on the 6th April)!  And well even though the schedule only said 8 miles (I don’t think 8 miles is a short run at all but when you compare it to the double figure runs I have done recently …) I was still pretty nervous about it due to the shocking run I had the week before.

There has become a pattern with our weekend runs, usually Leah organises, Lissy sorts the route and navigates and I get to hunt out brunch places that can cater to #RUNger!  In my opinion this has been a great formula and I have adored every weekend run!  However, with Leah taking some very sensible rest and Lissy being part of #CHEERDEM crew in Berlin I took the lead!  Adapting a previous run from Lissy so we could finish at my chosen brunch spot we planned to cover a nice 8 mile route around the banks of the Thames ….


So off we went.   Jen, Lauren, Beki, Kiera, Harriet, Mari, Lucy, Hollie and I set off from Monument in the beautiful London sunshine heading towards Westminster to cross the river at Vauxhall Bridge.

With “maranoia” properly starting to set in it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t analyzing every step I took, wondering if my left leg was going to give way again like last week, or if I could feel another niggle/pain/interesting feeling elsewhere.  However, having only met some of these fellow #TNR ladies once or twice before and of course having the amazing support of Miss Capps conversation, as always, flowed and I quickly fell into a steady pace and relaxed.

As we continued along the river, dodging various tourist groups along the way, some members of the group cut off due to injury or to carry on with their day and for the final 3 miles I had the pleasure of running with Lauren, who is also training for the Manchester Marathon!  Lauren is sadly still coming back from injury but what she has achieved so far is amazing and it was great to properly discuss Manchester logistics!

After a quick (slightly horrendous of me) running selfie ….


… we picked up the pace and sped through the final mile (even though I managed to find us a slight hill to finish with – sorry Lauren!)  WOOHOOO my legs made it through … I mean obviously I will have to do that distance twice more on the big day … but 8 miles is still 8 miles and I got through it!

From top left … Jen, Lauren, Beki, Kiera, Harriet, Me, Mari, Lucy and Hollie

A runner’s high is the best!  I was so relived that I made it through this run, I still don’t feel as strong as I did after the 20 miles but this was a huge confidence boost and well what will be will be now on the 6th!   The smile proceeded to stay a long time after this run was finished due to the awesome experience we had at The Folly (I promise to do a full write up post-marathon! PROMISE) but the photo I think says it all ..

Amazing eggs on rye, FREE brownie bite with your hot drink and UNLIMITED crumpets!

The food was gorgeous, the service (a fellow first time marathon attemptee) was brilliant and they even had free sweets hanging around!!  What more could you ask for!

A positive running experience might have also been celebrated with Espresso Martinis and chocolate later on …



So on a final note … the next “Weekend” run post will of course be all about the big day so I just want to take this opportunity to THANK everyone who has been reading my training experiences up until now, the support and kind words (especially when I was proper sulking last week) has been unbelievable and so I sincerely hope to be bringing home a medal for you all!!!!!!!



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