Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …

New music!

Bo Saris – The Addict – Loving this guy’s voice and the video is pretty nice too!

Toddla T Sound – Phoney – The kinda track you want to listen to when you have just got to get stuff done!

Mila J – Smoke Drink Breakup – Jhene Aiko’s older sister bringing some old skool Aaliyah vibes on this track!


Cronuts – The ingenious idea to merge a croissant and a doughnut.  Lissy & I tried our first one at the weekend from a gorgeous little coffee shop in St Katharine Docks – White Mulberries. If you are looking for something decadent and filling this is definitely for you!

We tried a chocolate one … YUM

Stuff, things, bits and pieces!

You may have already seen that my leg hasn’t really played ball this week and so I have been resting up with the help of this …


Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Rub – I actually first tried this product over a year ago and have never looked back!  If you have an achey leg/arm/back … well achy anything this little tube is your best friend (well that a foam roller!)  It smells yummy and acts like a portable hot water bottle :D!  Yes please!

Run Rabbit Apparel – These guys randomly popped up on my twitter this week.  With the tag “Designing, making and selling technical running t-shirts with more swag than a geezer adorned with a black mask and stripy jumper” I couldn’t not go check out their site!!  Of course I instantly fell in love with one of their t-shirts and had to show my appreciation …then this happened …


Thanks Run Rabbit I think this might have to be a little post marathon treat to myself ;D!


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