Friday’s Fact File

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Things that I have discovered or just loved this week …

New music!

Jesse Boykins III – Show Me Who You Are

CJ Beatz – Timbaland Birthday Mix (about 2:06 in) – this actually made me sing … out loud … at my desk! Try and decide on your favourite track, there are so many on this mix!

Juliette Ashby – Over & Over



Ok so it’s not new but sweet potato pancakes … they really are amazing!  I roughly follow Laura’s recipe from her amazing website Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish (though I definitely add more than a pinch of cinnamon) But here are a few tips which I have learnt through my many attempts to make them perfect!

  • Let the sweet potato cool as much as possible TRUST ME this is important!  Bring the egg out of the fridge to bring to room temperature!
  • Mix all the ingredients well, if possible use a hand whisk to make sure the mixture is lovely and smooth.
  • Let the mixture sit for as long as you can resist not cooking them up!
  • Get the pan nice and hot!

IMG_7192 IMG_7172  IMG_5366

Caramel Profiterole Cheesecake – yes it does actually exist!  And yes there are actually profiteroles full of cream in the actual cheesecake!!!!  I discovered this slice of heaven whilst out with the lovely Lissy at Fig & Olive!  Go and try this NOW!



Stuff, things, bits and pieces!

Virtual Runner – You may already know about this awesome idea but just in case …

Virtual Runner is a fantastic thing for runners who love their bling and like doing good deeds!  Set up by a frustrated runner who could not find a race to fit in their hectic schedule, you pay a VERY small amount to “enter” a virtual race via the website.  On completion of your race you have to provide evidence of your distance covered (I sent a photo of my Nike GPS watch reading) and then wait patiently by your postbox to receive a shiny MEDAL! I got mine 2 days later – AMAZING! And if that wasn’t great all profits go to charity!!  So if you fancy some more bling and earning some good karma points get entering!!


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