Jessie J and Kale Martinis

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So very excitingly last week I was invited by Nike to a secret Jessie J gig to celebrate the release of her “Wild Alive High Intensity NTC Workout”  Of course it was very exciting just to be asked but then to be told my “chauffeur” would collect me from my chosen destination … well that’s when I started to bounce about!

Nike had kindly organised for 100 women across London to be collected from their chosen destination and then take part in what they promised to be a great evening!  Most details were kept very much under wraps so when my chauffeur (;D) started the car we had to throw the lesson “do not get in a car with a stranger” out the window!

We arrived at an amazing warehouse space in Dalston – our doors were opened for us, coats taken from us and we were led into space with nail stations and lipstick stations whilst surrounded by funky decor and of course incredible Nike sports wear … why do I not earn MORE money!!!

MAC makeup yes please!
Essie manicure … ok then ;D!


After indulging in free fizz (I stuck to smoothies as I was planning an epic run the next day) and gorgeous salads we were then chauffeured to our next destination “Olso” in Hackney.

When entering Olso we were taken to a side door and led up two flights of stairs which were covered in white flowers and beautifully scented white candles – the smell was just gorgeous!


At the bar we had the choice of three cocktails of course all with a healthy twist!  I will be honest though I was trying to be good I had to try the Kale Martini … I gave it back … I can see what it was trying to do … it didn’t work for me!


Shortly after arriving Jessie J came on stage and did a short Q&A session for us.  Now why she would prefer to workout indoors instead of outside or in the rain instead of sunshine I don’t know but I 100% agree with wanting dirty, hard core music to listen to whilst pumping weights!  Now that I can completely get involved with!

She then treated to an acoustic set which showed off her incredible voice and of course we all joined in to, though not as successfully!

IMG_6943  IMG_6970

This was an awesome experience so a HUGE thanks to Nike for the invite!   Jessie J’s workout is released today and I shall be attempting it tomorrow morning … from what she was saying I think I will be feeling the burn!

Worth mentioning that this event was perfectly finished off with Nike handing each of us the bouquet of flowers when we left.  These flowers are still helping my room smell GORGEOUS!!!.


2 thoughts on “Jessie J and Kale Martinis

    emma said:
    03/10/2014 at 8:35 pm

    Looks like an amazing night!

    So Many Activities Pt.2 « Run Round Town said:
    03/11/2014 at 8:42 pm

    […] hindsight it wasn’t the best idea!  Just as I thought after listening to Jessie J at the Nike Event she is an absolute animal when it comes to squats, the girl could go for days!  Squat jumps, squat […]

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