Kickasana Class at Selfridges

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So for those of you that don’t know …

Kickasana classes are a fusion of Thai Boxing, Yoga, breathing, stretching and creative visualisation

As part of Selfridges “Festival of Imagination” Sweaty Betty had got together with Kick Studio to hold four complimentary fitness classes in the Imaginarium Space …


Yep this crazy looking space!!  Just imagine all the foam blocks gone and in it’s place mats, water and ladies ready to box, breathe and stretch!

The class was lead by Sophie Pittaway, Creator and Founder of Kick Studio.   Sophie explained a little bit about the theory behind Kickasana and how it incorporates boxing and yoga training, linking body, mind and soul together.   After being given a generous amount of warming massage oils to slather all over our ankles, calves, arms and shoulders we were instructed move away from the goings on of the day and to focus on what we wanted to achieve, whether that be strength, weight loss, fitness etc.  I, personally was ready to get STRONG.

photo 3

After a few minutes focussing our breathing and enjoying childs pose and downward dog (that annoying yoga move I am still trying to master) we then sprung into action learning basic boxing poses throwing punches, uppercuts and elbow .. elbow jabs … I am not sure what the technical term is here …

These minute long cardio bursts were then followed by various yoga stretches which then were quickly followed again by drills such as jumping jacks, push ups and crunches.  The mix of cardio and gorgeous stretches actually really worked and definitely got the heart rate going all over the place!

Sophie took the time to really explain each move and her enthusiasm and belief in what she was teaching was really clear to see and very infectious!  Whilst punching and kicking we were told visualise someone and really put our all into it, I loved this!  Particularly after the day I had had!

photo 2

During the class we were also encouraged to work in pairs, getting our cardio in – one attacking, one defending and then helping each other to stretch!  As a runner to have someone help stretch out my back was like heaven and I am definitely going to be recruiting “friends” in the gym to help out!

I wish I could give you more details about this class, but as instructed I think I got a little lost in focussing on what I wanted to achieve.  I definitely felt strong in my punching, helped by a lot of grunting and heavy breathing and really felt the benefit of the moments of breathing and stretching inbetween.

Sophie was a fantastic teacher and I cannot wait to head down to the Kick Studio next week for a class!  If you fancy joining me then get in touch!!

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