So, I am just not going to run today

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As normal on a Thursday (whilst following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Marathon Plan) I woke up at 6:15, brushed my teeth (always the very first thing I do!) and put on all my outdoor running gear ready for my 5 mile run.  When I opened the curtains I was extremely pleased to see it was a lovely morning, not a rain drop in sight!  I headed down stairs past the window and thought … “I am actually really not in the mood to run today, I’m tired”

Now I think I have mentioned before I am not one to easily give in and I do love a good challenge, but the thought of running 5 miles just wasn’t appealing to me today.  So instead I ran back upstairs changed into less winter ready gym gear and did the following little workout …

5 sets of the following

1 minute SPRINT

1 minute skipping (30 seconds on each leg)

1 minute stepping

1 minute burpees

1 minute collapse, catch breath back, get water!

This was then followed by a lower body strength work out featuring split squats, deadlifts, supermans and leg extensions.

This work out lasted just over an hour (including stretching) and well I came out of the gym feeling great!  Now I am sure I would have felt just as good finishing the 5 miles as per my plan but I just didn’t want to do it!?!  It was just one of those days.

Now as I first time marathon “attempter” I have tried really hard to stick to the plan in order to train safely etc however, I think it sometimes is just as important to think about how you YOU feel, how YOUR body feels.  I still managed to get my heart rate up and head to work with that smug “I have just worked out” feeling without doing something I don’t think my body wanted to do.

Do you ever have days were your running mojo vanishes ever so slightly?  Or have you tried a different kind of workout to combat your mind and body’s refusal to run?


Sometimes you just don’t want to not run, you want to sit in a gym instead ;D!

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